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  1. Cheers for the replies, what power/torque can the syncro stuff take?
  2. hi id like to know wether you can use Passat syncro rear diff etc with a prop connected to a o2m transfer box, as im trying to weigh up my options with converting my mk2 vr6 to 4wd, I want permanent 4wd rather than half hearted 4motion, im not too competent mechanically, but some friends are. have no objections to cutting the boot floor out and putting a flat floor. would like to know what is best??? cheers Ben
  3. hi im wanting to fit a rotrex charger to my vr6, do i need a clockwise or anti clockwise rotation charger? and where in the uk can i get a bracket for a c30-94 charger? any info appreciated Ben
  4. 90LF

    OBX LSD's

    Hi im on a tight budget with my mk2 vr6, im wanting to get an lsd fitted as i want to improve the performance via a supercharger but want the power to be useable, has anyone used OBX? what are the pros n cons? i have also heard about a3.68 final drive? what benefit is this over the standard 1? and finally what should i be expected to pay to fit both of the above? any info greatly appreciated. Ben
  5. hi would you be able to do this mod on a mk4 4mo? seems a better idea than the standard controller, only askin as im compiling bits to supercharge mine but would rather run it permanent 4wd. cheers Ben
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