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  2. Hi, my 2.8 24v v6 corrado won't fire up, the car has been laid up for winter(although its last journey was on the back of an r.a.c wagon haha) and i've just gotten round to digging it out of the garage. i have just bought a new battery for it to after the old one refused to hold more than 6 volts. So the car will spin over but won't fire up, there is intermittent spark which sometimes leads the car to idle very very roughly for 1-2 seconds and then it dies again and will just spin? The car is a second vehicle(as you may have guessed) and with it not starting getting it to a garage to get the fault codes checked is difficult with out having it transported there and back(i would'nt want to guess on the cost of that!) I'm not sure on the engine code, the original engine was from a 2005 bora v6 4 motion, believe it may be a BUB? Any help would be great, i suspect it may be the crank sensor myself but appreciate other opinion on the matter. Cheers. Tom