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  1. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    Aahhhhhhh why does no one know where it is???!!! ???
  2. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    The cobbled street was my for sale advert! i bought it from I guy in a car park and actually swapped it for a Citroen saxo.
  3. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    I always got noticed in it and only being 21 at the time was the envy of a few friends who still only had 1.2’s etc. If I can find her I’ll snap her up!
  4. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    Yeah that’s the colour. In doing some research, it was a rare colour on the VR6 Mk3 and only 555 made or something. I bought it is 2006 and at the time worked in a motor parts shop and when I had finished with her, she kept up with carrera 4’s to 100mph and was savage. I really want her back!
  5. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    Still haven’t found her and now she’s sorn..... anyone?
  6. Still looking - K221OCM

    Anyone know where this car is? sold it about 8 years ago and still looking for it
  7. I’m looking for my old car..... can anyone help?? It looks like it’s hardly being used according to MOT history and I’d love it back K221OCM
  8. DMcDermott85

  9. 93 vr6

    I had a VR6 '93 in that colour! Was awesome to drive and really caught the attention of everyone! Made the mistake of selling it though! :-( Don't ever let it go!
  10. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    Anyone?? Still looking...
  11. Looking for my VR6! K221 OCM

    Thanks for your help. Not listed on here but listed on DVLA as still a runner! I've been doing some research as well and i'm not sure on the colour name on the car! For the last 8 years I've said it was Montana Green but apparently they didn't make any cars in that colour in 1993... Anyway, appreciate any more help if this beaut of a car is known of by anyone
  12. I made the heinous mistake of selling my VR6 a few years ago and am trying to hunt it down now! She is a 1993 Montana Green VR6 and was one of the tidiest VR6's about! Do any of the fellow VR6 owners have her now or know where she is! Please let me know EVEN if she is not available I'd love to know she is still out there!