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  1. DaveGT

  2. DaveGT's mulberry highline

    Thanks palmer. I love it so far. Can only get better as plans progress
  3. DaveGT's mulberry highline

    Thank you very much. I plan to :-)
  4. Which cams?

    That's brilliant. Thanks for your reply. 200bhp would be enough to keep me happy until the time comes to charge the old girl
  5. DaveGT's mulberry highline

    Thanks guys. Didn't use anything special bungy. Meguiars ultimate polish followed by their carnuba wax. Was a particularly sunny day so the light may have something to do with it
  6. Which cams?

  7. DaveGT's mulberry highline

    Cheers fella. Glad you all like. Haven't had it long but it makes me smile now as much as it did the day I picked it up. The noise it makes is something I could never get bored of :-)
  8. DaveGT's mulberry highline

    Thanks fella. I love it to bits. Needs a little tidying but plan to bring it back up to condition, a little more power then just enjoy it til I have the money to supercharge it next year
  9. Hi guys. Just started using this forum. I picked up a 1998 mulberry highline about 3 months ago. Since then I've added audi s3 wheels, coilovers, genuine vw splitter, induction kit, momo 280mm team wheel and a couple of other touches. Big plans for the future so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you like Dave
  10. Which cams?

    Hello all. I'm looking to give my obd2 highline engine a freshen up with new rings, bearing shells, valve stem seals etc. basically all the wear and tear parts. While I'm at it I'm looking to add a decent induction kit, 6-branch manifold and quality stainless exhaust system. I've decided to pop some uprated cams in too as I'd like a little more mid range punch. My question is which cams do people recommend here for what I want and also how much power can I expect from these mods with a decent remap to take them all into account? I'm looking to supercharge it next year too hence the freshen up so would whatever cams I choose work and benefit the supercharger? Thanks in advance Dave