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  1. KiwiVR6

  2. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    New disks and pads also removed rear wiper and put in blank. In the last month it has been converted from an auto to a manual, new Sachs clutch fitted Timing chains and followers changed Iridium plugs, coil and new leads fitted Rear engine mounts replaced. New front shocks and irmshir spring kit Deep front spoiler fitted New red trim shifter and handbrake cover Mk 1 gear knob fitted Updated bulbs throughout Front lower bumper inlet ducts fitted Side decals fitted Rh wheel bearing swapped Thermostat housing, crack pipe etc all replaced..... Probably more including a load of bushes track rod ends ect.
  3. 1997 Manual Conversion help

    My Auto box can occasionally give quite a harsh gear change, I have the chance of a VR6 manual box, pedal box, cluch servos, drive shafts, gear shifter/ linkages, fly wheel and clutch. I am thinking of buying the conversion and doing the manual conversion myself, I am an aircraft engineer so I am handy with tools but wondered if there any pit falls to be aware of buying the manaul box ? Does any one know where the best idiots guide on how to do the change is, particularly the electrical side ?
  4. If i park up my Auto Mk 3 Golf VR6 after a run and get back in again within maybe 30 mins the car runs really sluggish. It feels like it is over fueling or as if the timing is stuck advanced or some thing, The fuel usage on the computer does not seem abnormal though. If i try to pull away the revs dip then build up really sluggishly until about 2,500 rpm where it sort of clears and starts to drive normally. I will do it for the entire journey if it starts that way. I have put on new plugs and leads but it is the same. If i try to nip out in traffic it can get scary :W Any ideas?
  5. Auto box advice

    My VR has done 170,000 km the box has a slight skip for the first two gear changes that some times can be more harsh and gives a firm thump. I havent had it long and don''t know if it has ever had a tranny oil change or service Would a transmission service help'? I live in NZ and don't have the option of cheap scrap yards. If it gets to bad I will buy another 'VR and scrap the worst. what will keep this one going the longest?