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  2. Hi does anyone know if you can get the pipes for a steering rack? Is there anywhere which can make them, mine are rotten through. Cheers
  3. bearing hubs??

    The nut size was 30mm double hex. Mine are rotten.. Abs ring has come away, will try and post pictures up. Cheers
  4. Hi guys Me again, another question, I've managed to get my hubs off and they are in a rite state. Are all vr6 hubs the same. And does anyone have any in good condition, they want to part with. Cheers
  5. drive shaft hub nut??

    Cheers I tryed a 30mm single hex and it didn't fit. Will try the double, tomorrow.
  6. What size is the hub nut on the drive shaft and is it the same size as a corrado. Cheers
  7. best place for gaskets

    thanks for the replies, will look into them all, jim you got mail.
  8. Hi Can anyone recommend where I can get engine gaskets from, the dealer seems to be really expensive. I heard victor reniz, is the best but can't seem to find a good seller. Cheers
  9. hi does anyone know if a vr6 corrado alternator is the same as a golf. mines a 70amp one and is rubber trucked. cheers
  10. locking crank to remove fly wheel

    Cheers for the reply, I Will try the bar and socket. Don't have a windy gun. Thanks
  11. Hi Does anyone know how I can stop the crank from turning, so I can get the flywheel off. Cheers