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  1. hebbs

  2. Went to open my car today with key and central locking all popped up but door won't open even from the inside? Can't cope with climbing across anymore lol
  3. Hi, just bought a set of teledial wheel to put on my vr the adaptors i got have a 20mm spacer will this be enough, for them to sit proper?
  4. purple vr6

    Sounds good would you fill the exhaust cut out to? I was thinking of full yellow headlights, but seen just the high beam reflector yellow. Might do that instead now.
  5. purple vr6

    i dont find it to loud but got a new stainless manifold coming so think it will be alot louder then lol. I fancy a change like the dtm back boxes.
  6. purple vr6

    There cheap jom's from ebay £162. I put new top mounts on to only £20 for all 4. Can't wait to adjust them but its raining today gutted lol
  7. Here is my purple vr6, since ive had in in the last 2 weeks i have done; pressed plates, alloy refurb in black, new clutch, coilovers (not lowered yet tho), induction kit, and exhaust. Coming soon front strut brace, debadged grill ans yellow headligts http://s1115.photobucket.com/albums/k553/hebbs/golf%20vr6/
  8. pics

    looks good just got car back, garage had to put it standard height due to huge slope to get out the car park lol. Im usless with tool so neecd to find some to help me play about with the height now.
  9. pics

    im not doing or i would lol garage want to know the drop. Im stuck in work to and dont want to pay extra for them to ajust height.
  10. pics

    bit random but anyone has pics of there car lowered 60mm to 75mm? coilovers came today and cant make my mind up how low lol
  11. No pull in 2nd gear

    done and was the same got new 1 today car drives lovely now thanks mate
  12. No pull in 2nd gear

    Ya doesn't kick like it should. The coil pack is only few months old, could the air flow meter be due to me putting air filter on? Fine in the other gears 1st can be bit flat to.
  13. Not had my vr long and noticed there was no pull in 2nd gear. I thought could be clutch slipping so had that changed, got it back today and it's still the same so any ideas? Mods on engine are just air filter and exhaust.
  14. sounds good 75mm it is got a friend coming to help put them in next tuesday new clutch and wheels being done over the weekend to. Will get her polished and put up some pics
  15. As long as it looks good i dont mind lol. Any idea on a cost to fit coilovers if i cant do it?