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  2. Hello, I have a MK3 Golf VR6 syncro and i'm looking for someone with the necessary experience to repair/rebuild the rear diff part of the syncro system and the gearbox with its front diff. Also if someone knows of someone who opens up viscous coupling to check the fluid levels and general state of the unit as well as to replace the fluid with the right substance and amount. The car has about 227 000 km on it and the drivetrain it's not what it used to be. The gearbox is whinning and makes all sort of sounds especially in 1st and the dear part bangs when I am in reverse with the wheels turned. So it is high time someone who knows his way around the system took a deep look at it. I can take the parts of the car and ship them to wherever the rebuilder resides. But it has to be in Europe since it would be to big of a hassle to ship them overseas. Thanks, Mike
  3. this was another question I wanted to ask...i tried this on 2 different versions of vag com and I couldn't do the throttle body adaptation because it said the module was not available or something like that. I followed the steps as written on vag's com site... My car is 1996 ODB 2...but I cannot remember the Bosch computer version. Could it be that it is an older version that doesn't allow for performing this thing ?
  4. Hello, I've been having this high idle rpm (stayed at about 1000rpm) issue with my car since i bought it. turns out my alternator was beyond repair , replaced it with a good one and now all is good. Idle rpm is steady and always stays about one line below 1000rpm. Problem is when I turn on my headlights (aftermarket xenon kit) it goes up again to about 1000rpm. Is this ok ? It used to go up also when the fans kicked it with the old alternator but now with the lights off and the fans on it doesn't even budge. Badly designed ballasts on this xenon kit ? Is my electrical system getting old and can't handle various the various consumers that are present ? thanks, Mike
  5. RPM sensor difference

    No worries problem solved, they do the same thing. I meant this sensor: http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Golf_III--VR6_12v/Engine/Electrical/Senders_-_Sensors/ES2791/ G28 crankshaft position sensor
  6. Hello, I need a new RPM sensor for my car and I noticed that there are 2 different types, one until the year 1996 so for ODB I and the other from 1996 probably for OBD 2. Could you tell me what the difference exactly is ? I have an ODB 2 but the shop i'm buying from doesn't list them as separate parts for different years. I also have the slightly bigger 2.9 syncro VR6 mk3, but I don't think there s a different sensor for that too ain't it ? thanks
  7. Putting in leather heated seats

    How long do they take to heat up, until you feel the heat in your back ? did you also install the potentiometer knobs ? I have mine from the factory and I can choose 5 levels of heat on the knobs, but it seems only the driver seat is working and it takes a long time to heat up. I don't know how seat heating works but is it possible for the heater to get "lazy" in time and take longer to heat up the seat ? thanks.
  8. syncro noises

    so it is not while to shift the lever into reverse but while you drive in reverse that you sometimes hear this thud ? mine doesn't do it all the time.
  9. i have an odb 2 and as far as i know i don't have a valve. throttle opening is controlled from a sensor which is part of the throttle body
  10. Hello, Could you recommend a good rebuilder or seller for that matter of transmissions for VW, best if located in Europe or worst in the US ? I have the mk3 vr6 2.9 syncro and as far as I've been told mine is the 02C model, but many parts are the same as the on the 2.8 engines. thanks
  11. Hello, My car does this annoying little thing, it stays reved up at about 2000 rpms even when i'm in neutral and it won't come down to idle until the car is at full stop. Also when i'm driving in 1st gear at about 2000 rpms and let go of the gas the rpms do not drop instantly instead it just sits there until the engine brake comes on and slows the car down to idle speed...but very slowly Also my idle sits a bit high i think, the needle shows me about 1000+ but I'll do a check with the VAG cause i'm not sure if it's accurate.
  12. Hello, As you can see in the photo below, the vaccum hose that goes into the crankshaft breather valve near the intak manifold has suffered a fatal accident. Are there any direct replacement for this part or do i have to buy some generic vacuum hose of the right size that will fit ? I found this kit from draft designs, though i don't understand exatctly how should i fit their own custom vacuum manifold thingie. http://store.42draftdesigns.com/Vacu...Kit_p_228.html Could you also tell me the exact size of the hose ? thanks. http://postimage.org/image/28lz50mh0/
  13. syncro noises

    ok...is this hard to do ? do i have to take down the exhaust or something ? do i have to take apart the diff or the shaft ? and why would this be heard only in reverse ? I also tried to make the rear wheels spin by taking of under hard throttle so the central diff would engage and I thought the car was really responsive with minimal tyre screeching, but the engine was all reved up so maybe I couldn't have heard the thudding if present ?
  14. syncro noises

    Hello, My car makes a strange sound while in reverse. it's a deep thud and it comes after I have selected the gear because I know the gearboxes don't like it when you rush it in reverse quickly after moving forward. so...reverse selected, I take my foot of the clutch partially and sometimes I can hear a deep thudding sound, like something is locking in. I'm thinking it's the syncro system because it doesn't seem to come from the gearbox it's more from the back of the car and I can't imagine how a gearbox would make such a noise. Is it the viscous diff ? Should I worry ? thanks. could it be one of the diffs ? Is this bad ?
  15. Lumpy like a tractor

    yep i think i got that too, tried to clean my old MAF and broke one of the fins inside, very fragile. Buy a new one and call it a day, or try to clean it...carefully. And I'm also curious about the "smelling really hot but temp reading normal". Mine is also giving some hot odours after i drive it for a while, but other than that everything is fine, is this normal ?