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  1. VR6 for sale

    Owned car for 17 years full service history no engine modifications full stainless steel exhaust receipts for £000s spent on car since I've had it Clifford car alarm pioneer sd card stereo car garaged drives as new mot until end of January 2018 any questions regarding car just call I'll be glad to help .Priced £1500 contact David on 01259752333.
  2. maxbulldog

  3. abs light staying lit on my 1995 mk3 vr6 golf.ran vag com using Autel 405 scanner faults registered abs wheel speed sensors left rear G46 and right rear G44 also abs outlet valve rear left N136.Wheel sensor faults could just be the sensor or abs ring but any info on abs outlet valve?.Is it a new pump or a module fault?If so can they get overhauled and if so any info on where.Or has anyone encountered this combination!Also anyone else got a Autel vag 405 ive tried to clear the abs faults no joy saying erase failed,but ive been able to clear engine fault codes no problem
  4. fuel line

    thanks ben ill get one on amazon for 4 quid.u got vr6 ive had mine 11 years only minor faults .starting from cold got to crank it a few times and abs light coming on now and then.do u know if the 16 pin scanners work on 1995 mk3 vr6s?
  5. fuel line

    anyone tell me internal bore diameter of the fuel delivery line on a mk3 vr6 golf.need to buy non return valve car dumpin fuel back to tank looks like one on fuel pump knackered.