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  2. [moved] Is it just me or....

    Ah, my bad. I guess i'm used to the chavy way of saying it haha no, i didn't oil it, are you supposed to?
  3. Okay, here's the deal. My A.I kit was starting to look a bit dirty, so i took it off and gave it a good soak in hot soapy water and left it to dry over night. The next day i put it on and run it as normal. Now, it's either just me or i swear that i've been using slightly less fuel. I Know it's got a computer system to adjust how much air is going in and regulate it for the fuel, but this feels as though it had somehow made a difference! Would this be true or am i just going phyco? :S
  4. The Growl

    Kie: I will! I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon! Calico: I'm using a K&N Air Induction kit
  5. The Growl

    Hell, i used to think having a good time meant going to a track and filling up a kart for the day... i still think that, but i've also added the VR6 to my list!!
  6. The Growl

    I've had my VR6 for about three months now and have finally got used to it, but can anyone relate to this story? I was driving around in 4th gear, when i accelerated just a little. I heard a deep growl so i looked in my rear view mirrors, thinking it was an aston or somethin like that. But a massive smile crossed my face when i realised it was my GOLF! Even though i've had time to get used to that, it never fails to make me grin like a kid!