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  1. east sussex meet any1????

    well no1 turned up wefe was u? does any1 want to arrange another?
  2. get ya grill out!!

    how much you want for others mate if u will sell them if not can u find them on the bay for me cheers dude
  3. east sussex meet any1????

    any1 else cuming then thought at least a couple will turn up?
  4. what wheels fit thevr6

    ok cheers when it comes to ofset how does it wok is it the higher the number the ruther out they sit or how does it work i got the standered bbs that are et42 but seen some et35 what will be the differnce
  5. what wheels fit thevr6

    so will merc wheels fit and audi? i want to get sum that just blot straight on really what fits
  6. do all 5 stud audi and merc wheels fit
  7. east sussex meet any1????

    up 2 u 7pm sound ok?
  8. bumpers

    how do the bumpers come off? cheers
  9. Vento Front end

    there couple vento front ends up peas pottage but later style ones i got a drivers side head light u can have for a tenner?
  10. east sussex meet any1????

    is any1 cuming to this then guys no1 has replyed so not sure let me know if u stillw ant to go ahead
  11. east sussex meet any1????

    im also a bit old mate but there a few mates down there old timers haha
  12. east sussex meet any1????

    we can park away from the saxo haha
  13. east sussex meet any1????

    im in swan road the reason i choose that as havent got to get permisoion and there is fast food ect and plenty of space and bit more well known as there a lot of pot wholes down there at mo and dont want any1 to damage car its up to every1 just i think its a good place as also shelter if weather crap what every1 think as want people to turn up
  14. east sussex meet any1????

    the post code is BN23 6QD Lottbridge Drove · Eastbourne BN23 6PN ive found both these post codes so check it up but locals should know i will proberly be meeting sum mates up there 2mo and will get the right post code unless any1 checks before then cheers guys hope we get a few together as might start getting busy