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  1. Ah - perfect - thank you for this - glad I gave you something to do 🙂 I had suspected the radiator switch - wasn't sure where it was ! I'll try to fit it - could I bridge this connector to confirm/rule out the switch at all ? Never heard of the resistor so a possibility but as you say - would always work at high speed ? Whereabouts is this - do you have any ideas ? Thanks again for your help - much appreciated.
  2. Morning all, Still running my trusty 1997 VW SHARAN VR6 ... 23 years later ! I have had a few cooling issues and now it seems both cooling fans have stopped running. One lower fan (AC controlled ?) used to run at high speed all the time (didn't realise there were 2 speeds) - this has stopped running all together - tried all settings on the AC climate control panel but will not run. The upper (main radiator fan) fan has also stopped running except for the ignition off over run - so rules out the fan not working etc. Leaves the following in my limited knowledge : Ma
  3. Yep - right next to each other ! Thanks
  4. Morning all, My trusty Sharan has sprung a leak after 23 years Water is pouring into the footwell & steamy windows etc - classic signs. Need to bypass the matrix for a while. Question I have is where are the inlet pipes in the bulkhead Are these 2 pipes the pipes to use ? Any other help would be much appreciated.
  5. Tried those - all ok ie fuses & wiring ... looking like the control unit :-( Many thanks for the reply :-)
  6. Chaps, I have a Mk1 VW Sharan VR6 R reg. My central locking & alarm failed yesterday. I thought classic water in the seatwell and a soggy control unit but nope - bone dry. These are the symptoms : No central locking via the key (never had fob remote) Drivers door, passenger door & rear tailgate will only open mechanically with the key. The rear 2 passenger doors are permanantley locked - wont open from inside or outside. The petrol flap is open (the pin is at the rear all the time). No courtesy light system working ie usually remove key & all comes on or even openi
  7. Cheers oldmandon - if there is an airlock - will it 'run itself out ?
  8. What damage could this do ? I foolishly let my VR6 Sharan run out of fuel today, topped it up and started ok but really poor idle & acceleration - just like a faulty coil pack I had before. If I let it run, it seems to clear itself and runs fine but then will idle and run roughly again ... Would any sediment in the tank make it past the filters into the injectors and cause problems ? Put some redex in with a gallon to run it but no real difference ...
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