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  1. Hi, With the summer now upon us and the Pound weak against the Euro, you may be planning a staycation this year. So have you thought about Breakdown Cover to protect you as you rack up all those UK miles? Summer Sizzler discount As a trusted club broker, Chris Knott Insurance is on hand to help. We don't want you to be sat at the side of the road or on your driveway like a lemon. So we're running a 'Breakdown Cover Flash Sale' - giving you 12 months' comprehensive protection with £5 OFF our already low premiums. Multi-car cover too A single vehicle will now cost just £58. We also offer discounts for multi-car cover - which can work out more cost effective than 'per person' policies. Hurry though, you'll only get this £5 discount in August. Full protection for your car Even at this lower price, you'll still get the same benefits as always: Homestart, Roadside Assistance, Recovery, Onward Travel, Overnight Stay, 24hr Hire Car, Relief Driver and Message Relay. And cover for running out of fuel, flat batteries, lost/broken keys and accidental tyre damage are all included as standard. So don't be a lemon - give us a call today on 0800 917 2274 to arrange cover. Alternatively, Get a quote and buy online - you'll see your discounted premium as soon as you click 'Quote Me'. Best, Nick
  2. Well, the figures can't lie - as promised here's the Chris Knott Top 20 car club forum rankings for the first half of 2016. As you know, Chris Knott Insurance specialises in looking after the insurance needs of car enthusiasts, working to help the members of around 200 car clubs/forums across the UK. To feature in our Top 20, a club/forum will be producing a high number of quote enquiries and we're converting a strong percentage into policies. It hints at the makes and models we're best at but not entirely as one club for the marque might be doing better than another club for the same marque that is not featured. Our average conversion rate is 42% at the moment (v. good for a single provider), so you've a strong chance of saving money by calling us for a quote. And if your club features it means you're more likely to save money on your standard/modified/multicar insurance when you ask Chris Knott to quote, based on past performance. If your forum doesn't feature or it did before but has dropped out of our Top 20, get calling us and help us get you up there. It's all about picking up the phone (0800 917 2274) or completing our online quote request form to see how much you could save on your car insurance. Remember that we're happy to share our earnings with your club for every policy that goes ahead or renews so you'll benefit the club/forum too. THE CHRIS KNOTT TOP 20 (H1 2016) 1. Volvo Owners Club (up from #2 in 2015 :)) 2. Alfa Romeo Owners Club 3. Saab Owners Club 4. Briskoda 5. Mercedes Owner 6. BabyBMW.net (up from #13 in 2015 :)) 7. CivInfo 8. Audi-Sport.net 9. Z4 Forum 10. BMW 5 Series Owners Club 11. MPS Owners Club 12. VectraC/Signum Owners Club (up from #19 in 2015 :)) 13. GT86/BRZ Owners Club 14. Fiesta ST Owners Club 15. TT Forum 16. AlfaOwner.com (new in :)) 17. 350Z-uk.com 18. BimmerForums (new in :)) 19. DS3Club.co.uk (new in :)) 20. Celica Club UK (new in :)) As I said in my last post, thanks very much if you've already asked us for a quote under the scheme. If you haven't yet, please do call us when your renewal falls due and include us in the mix of companies you get your quotes from. The enthusiasts below did and they were glad they'd called. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this club/forum to receive the full benefit. best, Nick ****************************** TESTIMONIALS If you needed more proof that Chris Knott offers a great scheme for club members, here's what some have said about us recently: "My renewal came up at £440 with my usual insurance company this year, found a cheaper quote online with AF but CK beat them. Policy amount this year with CK is £280...massive difference. Cheers CK and specifically Ian who works for you." ScoobyGT, UK Legacy forum "All paid up Nick, just have to print off and sign, top marks to all at Chris Knott." Mick.M, Focus ST Owners Club "I've just renewed with CK. Their price was around £400 cheaper than elsewhere." ChrisSB, Jaginfo "My insurance with Chris Knott started today. Thanks guys for best price!" M015T, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "According to my phone log, it took me 5mins and 34 seconds to: Dial, Connect, Navigate the menus, Talk to Emma about changing insurance from one car to another, and take my money (a very very reasonable £15 admin fee), then get a "how much" on changing again to another car later next week, And then a bit of "social", End the call.....in the same amount of time, I have been on hold with various other companies, listening to rather awful music that's so loud it's distorted. My thanks to Emma @ Chris Knott for making the whole process, quick, easy and painless. This is how it should be done! Once again 10/10." RainbowFire, Briskoda “New policy is now with you starting 12 June - very helpful and very competitive! Thanks” Mr Tidy, Z4 Forum “Well I've accepted my quote today. Happy with how I was quoted and beat my renewal quote by nearly £300. Most comparison websites were a little over £100 more on how I was getting my quotes done, but Ian talked me through it all and got it down to just a little bit under £500 on my THP165 Ultra Prestige. Very happy with that! Thanks very much.” Mjogreen, DS3 Owners Club "I've just joined CK, great quote and all confirmed by email this morning." Nyx1962, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club ****************************** A reminder of the MAIN CHRIS KNOTT PRODUCTS available to members: * Standard/Modified Car Insurance/Multi-car Insurance (extra discounts for more than one car) - phone for a quote * Breakdown Cover - by phone or quote and buy online * GAP Insurance - by phone or quote and buy online CHRIS KNOTT QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - Please mention this forum's unique code to receive the full benefit.
  3. I'd just like to thank every club member who has taken out car insurance through the Chris Knott Car Club Scheme so far in 2016. Every month (for the 7 months in a row) we've beaten our New Business target and we're now almost 10% ahead of where we expected to be. It's thanks to you and we're grateful. Already for July (the first 4 whole days) we've reached 26% of this month's target, you brilliant lot! We really do appreciate members giving us a try for their car insurance and finding out how much we can save them - and it's clearly working to everyone's benefit. If you haven't yet tried us, or you tried us before and we couldn't quite get there, please call for a quote this year and we'll do all we can to win your custom. The insurers on our panel are backing us to a great degree as we try to win more club enthusiast business. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 I'll be letting you know which clubs/forums feature in our Top 20 (year to date) in the coming weeks. Let's see if there have been any changes in the rankings - I'm expecting there will have been!! Thanks again, Nick PS. Don't forget that if you get a car quote before 1 August 2016 you could win this prize in our draw - https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2016/ImageFuel/IFCKPromo.pdf - just call us today! ************* FEEDBACK Just some of the people we've helped to a better car insurance deal in recent weeks... "+1 from me, took my policy out today after you guys quoted over £1000 LESS than Academy and Adrian Flux (and £300 less than the cheapest price comparison website quote)." octaviaconvert, Briskoda "All I can say is the staff member who dealt with me (Tabitha) was nothing other than professional and very helpful, even when I called back to sort out the email I have to send for proof of my NCD. She was very helpful to an old numpty like me telling me I don't need to send it off until I'm paying, quality service all round." Mick.M, Focus ST Owners Club "Happy chappy! Just wanted to say how pleased I am with Chris Knott Insurance. Just called to update my reg number as my private plate is now going on the car, my call went straight through to Daryl who was efficient and clear and best of all there was no charge for doing this (quite right too) although all other firms seem to charge! Please pass my comments on, so far so good with Chris Knott and I'm glad I chose them, so thanks MPSOC for the heads up (I didn't know of CK before this forum)." Mr and Mrs MPS, MPS Owners Club "A Big Thank You for making my Insurance enquiry so easy and dealing with it. Cheers Guys." D15VRS, Briskoda "Purchased car insurance through Chris Knott Insurance, very pleasant easy experience and most of all competitive prices. Thanks a bunch, especially Kathy who has exceptional customer service." bladerider666, SeatCupra net "You guys just beat my best quote by £40 and my renewal by £70, so I'm a happy chappy." DPurchese, BMW Z4 Forum "I spoke to Ian at lunch, the 2x quotes they gave me for our cars are currently cheaper than any multi-car quote we've had so far. I need to do some more checks tonight but so far Chris Knott are the best deal :)." lfcrule1972, DS3 Owners Club "I went ahead with Chris Knott... £720 for both MX5's." TomTom, DS3 Owners Club "Insured mine for £500, just waiting for Joni's renewal to be up and then we'll see what deal we can get with hers on there too. Thanks as ever Nick." Dangerousfish, DS3 Owners Club "Would like to thank Melinda for taking the time to price match the better quote I found for both cars & keeping us as a customer. It was refreshing to be treated as a valued customer." Rusty2009, VXOC Astra-J/GTC forum "Kathy, kindest regards, and thanks for being so lovely and "human" to speak too!" Hannah Gosden, Canterbury "I was in the process of buying my Mazda 6 2.2d Takuya, and looking for the best insurance quotes. Having done the usual searches through Google and coming up short on various price comparison websites, I thought I would check out this forum. I found the number and called Chris Knott, at the time of calling I hadn't bought the car but was planning on getting it after work, I found out the office closed at 5pm but Rebecca said she would call me at 4:55pm and she was happy to stay later to complete my sign up. Overall it was a great experience dealing with Rebecca, she was very thorough and professional, more to the point she gave me the best quote." gt2.2, Mazda6 Owners Club
  4. Hi, here's a helpful reminder of this club/forum's unique access code which members should use when asking for any Chris Knott quote: VR6-979 It helps us to make sure you get the full benefit of the special club/forum member rates we have on offer. And, if your forum receives income from us per policy it also helps us to know who to pay commission to. Don't forget also that if you receive a quote before 01 June 2016 you'll be entered in our Spring Spectacular draw to WIN one of 3 great prizes - details at http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2016/spring. Quoteline: 0800 917 2274 Thanks, Nick ******************************************************** MORE VERY RECENT FEEDBACK about Chris Knott's special car insurance scheme for club/forum members and enthusiasts: "Just renewed my insurance with you guys and you gave me the best quote by £30 - £300 fully comp for the year - cheapest I ever had ever. Top stuff!" rickster147, BMW 5 Series forum "Thank you, great service. Just a quick thank you to Kim at Chris Knott, really helpful and saved me £70ish on my insurance renewal. Definitely recommend." dazzawest, Type-R Owners "We saved a load going with you! A very big thank you for that. Our other 2 cars are due to be insured in the next few months! So I will be giving Rebecca a ring to see if we can put some more your way!" mistermena, C4 Owners Club "I concur - saved me over £300 for identical cover with Aviva." Ghost, C-Max Owners Club "Have to say gave Chris Knott a call and I'm very happy with the quote they gave me. Very nice people." oldmanflowers, Fiesta ST Owners Club
  5. Discount Code - Chris Knott: VR6-979

    UPDATE: Reminder to quote the club/forum's unique code (above) When you call Chris Knott Insurance for a quote please remember to use the above code. This is how we can verify that you're calling from a genuine partner and therefore grants you access to our special insurance scheme rates for car club/forum members. So far this year we've beaten each month's target by quite a margin because our quotes are so good. The forum members below would certainly agree and there are many more testimonials like those which we haven't yet shared. Please include us in the mix when you're searching for quotes and check the forum to see if we have a prize draw running at the time (chances are we will have!!) QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles now too) - please quote this forum's unique code. You can, alternatively, submit brief details on our online form and we'll call you back - Chris Knott Quote Request Form - again please use the forum's unique code. best, Nick Chris Knott Insurance ******************** Recent Testimonials A small selection of the feedback received from car club members in the last month or so... "My wife and I are happy customers now too! Kathy - bright and breezy and a pleasure to deal with. Long list of mods, including S/C - no problems." Subota Boy, GT86/BRZ Owners Club "I'm very happy to be moving over to CKI." Darran, Fiesta ST Owners Club "As my new MkIII Octavia vRS is due to be delivered anytime now I started looking at insurance quotes yesterday. I'm 33, 10 yrs NCD, 1 non-fault accident and 1 SP30 but I have no idea why I have been quoted in excess of £1300 by no less than 3 brokers and all the price comparison websites coming in at over £700. Thankfully Chris Knott have come back at just £380 but the rest have been ridiculous." octaviaconvert, Briskoda "Another happy Kathy customer here, just switched to Chris Knott yesterday and got 10% off my cheapest quote elsewhere (modded car) with matching £330 excess so very happy (one rival broker who allegedly specialises in modded performance cars wanted a £3,000 excess!). Process was painless and easy and documents emailed to me quickly, and it was also a relief that for once I didn't have to explain what a strut bar was (one company when I was calling around even asked me what an air filter was!), great people to deal with." Captain Duff, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club "I've made a quote with CK recently. My renewal is due next month and my current insurer gave me a quote for a cosmic price. After 20 minutes of conversation they went to half of original price with all bonuses added. I've called CK anyway and they offered me a quote for £100 cheaper with same extras. So this year gonna move with my policy to CK. Great!" M015T, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club ********************
  6. Hi, It's great to be able to bring you another prize draw competition and offer you something in addition to the competitive car insurance rates you'll find when you ask Chris Knott to quote for a car we don't yet insure. This one we're calling our Spring Spectacular and any members of this club/forum who request a car insurance quote between 01 March and 31 May will automatically gain entry. If you called us last week (and many car club members did because we've had a great start to the month) please be assured that you're already included in the draw. This time we're offering our biggest prize bounty yet, giving you the chance to win from not one, not two but three prizes! Three times the chance of winning one of these special treats: 1st Prize - Five Supercar Driving Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride (and photo) worth £234. 2nd Prize - Festival of Speed Luxury Fitted Picnic Hamper with Veuve Clicquot Champagne worth £150. 3rd prize - £100 towards car parts/mods/accessories of your choice worth...err...£100. Full details of the prizes can be found on our website - http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2016/spring/ Simply call Chris Knott for your car insurance and we'll aim to give you a winning quote. The insurers on our panel mirror our love of car club/forum members and give us the ability to assess you as an individual rather than just give computer generated rates. This should result in a better quote for you. TO ENTER please use either: Phone: 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too) SMS: text QUOTE ME to 61211 Web: complete our callback form - we'll call you back shortly from 01424 200477 We hope these prizes will encourage you to call us for a quote if your car insurance is due in the coming months. Remember, we can quote you about 30 days ahead so even if you're not due until late June you can still request your quote before close of play on 31 May and secure entry in our draw. PLEASE MENTION THIS CLUB/FORUM to prove you're a club member and so we can quote you under this special club scheme (there should be a unique code in my sig below but the exact club name will be fine if not). Thanks for reading and we look forward to quoting you. best, Nick Chris Knott Insurance PS. Genuine quotes only please - the winners will need to supply a copy of their existing renewal invitation to confirm final eligibility. Get calling and good luck! ************************ TESTIMONIALS We're getting them in faster than I can post them but here are a few comments from the last couple of weeks: "I used to be very sceptical of "special" car insurance offered through forum communities because it has never worked for me... until today! I called Chris Knott this morning and got quoted £200 less over the Premium (and £250 less over the Excess) if compared with the best quote I got from Ad*****, Elep**** and Dia****. I will be calling Chris Knott tomorrow to formalise things. Thank you." Gustavo7, Z4 Forum "Just got off the phone with Chris Knotts about the work car. Premium's £630 cheaper than previous year/insurer plus the bonus of almost no waiting time on the phone for an operator (never waited more than 2 min on any call tbh). So Chris Knotts, I've passed all the details onto the managing director including the screen grabs you requested. He should give you a call shortly to sort out payment etc. Roll on the discount for the coupe in the summer!" Lexo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "Thought I'd give my review of the past few weeks, ringing around getting renewal quotes. Online quotes circulated around the £600 mark - almost double what I pay now! 3 weeks ago Br******* phoned me and quoted £480, with the similar scheme of it completely insured up to a certain power band. They also said that they can't book the quotation as it needed to be within 30 days of the renewal time (standard procedure). Nick from Chris Knott put me through to one of the guys in the office who gave me a renewal quote that was considerably less than Br*******'s price, but again needed to be within 30 days. Funnily enough Br****** phoned me this morning and has now quoted me £595. Wow. I told the guy on the phone that I received a call them them 3 weeks ago saying £480, and explained their scheme to them. He then decided I was a liar!... He proceeded to put me on hold. Then a while later comes back to me with 'we'll honour that quote'. But clearly he was fishing and was too late, when I told him what Chris Knott had quoted me. The conversation went even sour: "Well they can have your car for £XXX then, we're never going to get anywhere near that."...There are still a few insurance companies that are due to phone me within the 30 day mark, but for now I thank my existing insurers Chris Knott for their prompt service, excellent 1-to-1 phone service and very decent renewal quote." Kesler, GT86/BRZ Owners Club "I took this out with said company above when I got my ST back in 2014. When I picked up its replacement (sadly a non-ST) I rang from the new car and changed the policy over in minutes. Top class service, let's hope it's the same standard if a claim needs to be raised." Tim, FiestaST OC
  7. Contact Chris Knott for a quote and WIN

    UPDATE: Three winners chosen - are you one of them? We're very pleased to unveil the winners of our bonanza Spring Spectacular prize draw which ran from 1/3 to 31/5 and offered 3x very tempting prizes. The winners themselves don't even know they've won yet so this is the major reveal. To qualify, all they had to do was request a car insurance quote between those dates, so it's nothing strenuous - maybe you'll win a future comp on this basis. In fact, we've got one running from 1/6 to 31/7 - Chris Knott June-July Competition which is for both new AND existing clients. TO ENTER OUR JUNE/JULY COMPETITION 1. Renew an existing policy - if you're renewing with us there's nothing extra for you to do - we'll automatically enter you when you roll your cover over for a further year. 2. Request a quote - simply request a quote on a car we don't yet cover - please call us FREE on 0800 917 2274 or complete our Quote Request Form at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote OUR 3 SPRING SPECTACULAR WINNERS Congratulations to the following 3 car enthusiasts who have won Chris Knott's great prizes: Drawn first was Anthony Soper, a member of Abarthisti.co.uk, who wins a Five-car Supercar Driving Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride and photo (worth £234). Second, Darren Minister, from RenaultForums.co.uk, who wins a Festival of Speed Luxury Fitted Picnic Hamper with Veuve Clicquot Champagne (worth £150). Third, James Jackett, a scirocco owner from Carmarthenshire, who wins £100 towards car parts/mods/accessories of his choice with Euro Car Parts (worth...err...£100). We'll try to make contact in the next couple of days but if you want to contact us in the meantime that's fine too. Well done to the winners and thank you everyone who requested a Chris Knott quote. best, Nick PS. Don't forget you can still win by requesting a car quote or renewing an existing policy with us in June or July. ***************** Recent feedback from other car enthusiasts who've enjoyed Chris Knott's service... "Just wanted to post my experience with your company! Normally insurance time is a pain, but your team were extremely quick with quoting over the phone and great to speak to! I think it was Tabitha?? I spoke to at first, she put me with a company that accepts modifications which I can add as I go and the price was great - beat any other quote I had and also free legal cover!! Also then had a small issue to resolve, dropped Nick a quick PM on here, he replied within the hour and all was sorted!! Great customer service all round! Will definitely recommend you to friends and family and will be coming to you for a quote when the missus' insurance is due for renewal!" --AUDI--, Audi-Sport net "Renewed my insurance today with Chris Knott after spending a couple of days on the comparison sites and ringing round. They took 10% off my best quote (which was actually the renewal quote with Quote me happy/Aviva - and that was £200 less than anything else) and matched the £330 excess on my existing policy (which included declared mods - Prestige wanted a £3,000 excess!!!). Fantastic painless service, mods understood (I lost count of the times I was asked what a strut bar was, one company even asked what an air filter was ffs) and everything explained well. Money saved will now go towards my 3 year bubble payment." Captain Duff, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club "Have to say these guys are fantastic - Last year they almost halved my renewal and this year my renewal was another £53 cheaper even after changing my job title. These guys just keep getting better. The only offer I found cheaper was for a technition to come and put a black box in my car. All in all well done again CK." snoop, Fiesta Owners Club "I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation for a great service last night. My car broke down and the service from start to finish, including the follow up call was superb. In addition the local breakdown recovery service Elva (Mike) was so helpful, professional and quick. I cannot thank you enough. Please pass this on to all concerned." Nina Willis "GT-B has been SORN over winter and I have been looking around for a quote to get it back on the road. All sorts of problems from most places with my NCB as I'm coming off a trade policy, but CK have been very helpful with that. So as of 09:45 today that's who I'm with! Thank you very much Chris Knott!" AdamH, UK Legacy Forum
  8. ChrisKnottIns

  9. It's amazing how many of the testimonials we receive start with the word "Just" - some examples of this month's feedback: "Just bought my insurance with CKI, very competitive prices... Many Thanks." benv6, Z4 Forum "Impressed with your super-efficient service today, instant docs by email and helpful staff. Better than the big boys!" @nsales_co_uk, Twitter "Many thanks. Quick service and very competitive quote. Makes it easier when you speak to the same person again." rustynuts, Briskoda "Just had my quote for the first time from CK. Could not beat my best comparison quote [initially] but were only £3 more than the cheapest. However once you take in to account all the free extras they threw in it beat Tesco bank hands down. They're calling back Tuesday morning to set it up. Very pleased, thankyou!" badake, Ford Galaxy Owners Club "Just renewed with you guys today. Great price and policy cover. Thanks :-)" SpecBee, UK Legacy Forum "Great service. Just a quick thanks to the guys at Chris Knott - Emma who I dealt with in particular for her work in getting my quote down to a price I'm very happy with. Best quote I've had for the second year running, great price for the level of cover and modifications on the vehicle. Top work!" AW_Dan, Baby BMW "Just bought a new policy with you today, very pleased as came in 20 pound under the lowest comparison site quote. Will be trying you when I need insurance on the 4x4 and the girlfriend's car. Cheers!" Tricky5, BimmerForums "Another new customer! Great service and knowledge, also beat my renewal and my cheapest online comparison quote. Cheers." ChrisG, Audi-Sport net Thankfully in these examples "Just" means 'recently' rather than 'by a whisker' as we won't simply beat your alternative quotes by a pound - where we can we'll try to make it worth your while to go with our offering. To request your quote please call us free on 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum's unique code (detailed in a previous post) to receive the full benefit. Remember, if you call us during May for a quote on a car we don't yet insure you'll gain automatic entry in our Spring prize draw. Check out the 3 great prizes here - www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2016/spring/ and get calling if your car insurance is due soon. best, Nick Chris Knott Insurance - the right choice for savings, service & support, the right choice for car club members.
  10. Contact Chris Knott for a quote and WIN

    Just a quick post bump to remind you about the Chris Knott Prize Draw. This is the final month of this draw which is our biggest yet. If you get a car quote from Chris Knott Insurance before close of play on 31st May you'll automatically be entered for the draw to WIN one of three very nice prizes (see above). April was another fantastic month and we overshot the month's target by about 20%. Thank you if you're one of those who found us to be their best option. If you haven't yet tried us for a competitive quote, make sure you include us in the mix when you're looking for cover, especially if it's important to you to use someone who truly understands the needs of car enthusiasts and the myriad modifications you make. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 Our dedicated quote team loves helping members get a better deal - please feed their habit by asking for a quote when your car insurance falls due. best, Nick ************************ RECENT TESTIMONIALS - a few comments from happy car club and forum members... "One of the best insurances about, I have both mine and the wife's car with CK" paulk, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "After my current insurer has told me they are doubling my premium from last year, as previous policy is no longer available, I did the usual comparisons and Chris Knott has beaten the best quote I got by 25 quid, very happy and will be going with them next month. Great service and very helpful :thumbsup:" bmwaddict, Z4 Forum "Just sorted out my insurance with Kim from Chris Knott Insurance, saved me nearly £100 on my renewal! and thats including the interest for paying monthly with the same add-ons as another provider were offering me bit chuffed, but shame premiums have gone up in general :(" dougie89, Vectra-C forum "I have literally JUUUUST reinsured with Chris Knott. Definitely one of the cheapest quotes I have had which is always a bonus, plus it means more back to the club." sp4rks, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "Just had an excellent quote and service from CKI, cheaper than my renewal and comparison quote and very reasonable pro-rata top up for a list of small mods I intend doing... CKI = good place for ASN members to get insured!" Rog_B, Audi-Sport.net ************************
  11. Contact Chris Knott for a quote and WIN

    So, we’re about half-way through the Chris Knott Spring Spectacular Prize Draw promotion and it’s going great - February was our best February EVER and March was the best month we’ve had overall in the last 5 years! So far April is looking good too and it’s all down to car club/forum members taking out their cover with us – thank you! If we're doing well it means we’ve obviously got great rates available for you. Add in our exciting prize draw with 3 fantastic prizes on offer and you’ve got every reason to give us a call for a car insurance quote if your renewal is due soon - a great quote and the chance to win a prize. Pick up the phone today for your free, no-obligation quote - 0800 917 2274 - all calls are free even from mobiles. best, Nick PS. Remember we're mod-friendly but we also like standard cars, classics cars and even multi-car setups. What are you waiting for? ************************ FEEDBACK Recent comments from car enthusiasts about the Chris Knott service: "Easy to believe you guys getting good feedback. I had the coupe with yourselves the last 2 years and when the company car came up for renewal it also went with you. £1000 cheaper than the previous year! Ok it had a 1yr NCB at that point (new policy, etc) but still a massive saving." Lexo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "Just changed over to you from S**, thanks for a competitive price." 2bar boost, R32 Owners Club "Just spoken to a fantastically helpful Catherine who quoted me nigh on half what I'm currently paying." PBL, Focus ST Owners Club "My car policy through Chris Knott has legal cover and still worked out cheaper than all else with extras stripped out." qc2, HondaKarma "I spoke with Chris Knott when I bought my Twingo. Can't fault them at all for professionalism and helpfulness. I'll certainly approach them again with my wife's car." Phoph, RenaultForums ************************
  12. Chris Knott feedback

    In the Chris Knott office we've placed a board in each team where we post feedback received from happy clients to add to staff motivation. It has created quite a buzz so if you've had good service from us or you'd like to mention a particular member of staff, please feel free to post a comment on this forum and we'll pass it on. You'll know that I also put feedback at the bottom of my posts on this forum so you can see how good we are for car club/forum members like you. The problem is (since we had our best ever February, and March was also a stonking one) that the feedback is coming in faster than I can post it. So here's a whole load of comments received in February and March to bring us almost up to date (you don't have to read it all but you get the idea)... BTW - remember that you automatically get entered in our Prize Draw if you ask us for a quote before 1 June - details in the Chris Knott/Insurance section of this forum and at http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2016/spring - QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too) Testimonials "Just a quick feedback. You guys are LITERALLY THE BEST!!! I've received the best insurance renewal quote ever. You managed to beat the cheapest quote I had, by offering me a comprehensive insurance £210.00 cheaper than the cheapest one I received earlier on this week! £210.00!! Still can't quite believe it. Thank you ever so much CKI!" mrfrankowski, Astra Owners Network "Just taken out a policy with Chris Knott as they beat my renewal price and the comparison sites easily. Excellent service too." scottyr, CivInfo "On my second year with CK." Paul, Audi RS3 Owners Club "I joined Chris Knott last week. The quote swept the floor with A***** F***, though AF served me well for the year I was with them. Hopefully CK is as good as people say. Also, Cathy was a massive help when I was inquiring. Big props to her!" elipton, UK Cougar forum "All things said and done, nobody has beat your quote I just obtained for the Celica I just acquired. So happy days, and thank you!... PS. I love Kim...she sounds like Grandma Ethyl from Dinosaurs. Very friendly too so all in all makes for pleasant phone calls." shnazzle, MR2 Roadster Owners Club "I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I rang up to renew my insurance with Chris Knott. I knew it would go up (knowing about the increase in IPT) but also having to add a claim to my history (on another car/policy). I can't remember the exact amounts but my policy just went up approx £50 when everyone else I tried added £200-£300 for having a claim! Really good service from yourselves, and will be ringing to add my other car to my policy when I get it back." tricky1138, MR2 Roadster Owners Club "You ALMOST had me this year but unfortunately due to my age/lack of ownership with my S3 you were unable to insure me if/when I go to stage 2+, so for that reason I had to go with [someone else] this time. However once this year's insurance is up and I've had more experience, etc. I will certainly try you again as your overall business/approach seems excellent and I was very happy with the chap I spoke to who wasn't trying to force me into anything, gave me great advice and was also very friendly. Ian Willis I think he was called - please give him some good feedback I'll be in touch next year." Craig-P, Audi-Sport forum "Just like to say thank you for all your help today Ian, very pleased with the £330 quote yesterday inc. the mods for this year." Sag, Land Cruiser Club "Dear Tabitha, many thanks for such great service. You made the whole process very painless. Once again, thank you." P Billingham, Westfield "Thank you, just got a very reasonable quote and looking likely to accept. Using a good underwriter (Highway) with an acceptable excess and accepted my mods: great." Hipstar, TT Forum "Had a delightful chat with Kathy today, nice to speak to someone that likes to have a laugh with their customer. The premium compared to my renewal with H******* was similar, but I've moved to a mod-friendly policy, which might be a bad thing for the wallet, but nice to know that I can now consider modifications if I want to go that route. Kathy was great though, really lovely, and it was partly her lovely manner on the phone that made me think "you know what, I'm happy to change and move away from H*******". No bad dealings with H******* at all I might add, but lovely service for the quote and discussions about the car that made me feel warm and welcome." Hanslow, GT86/BRZ Owners Club "Chalk another one up to Kathy - when she gave her name when answering the call, I knew it must be fate! LOL. Gave her a nice little shock when I told her she was the subject of a forum thread! Very friendly as mentioned above though... Thanks CK for a good, competitive quote!" Fusion243, GT86/BRZ Owners Club "Purchased insurance from Chris Knott - excellent price, excellent service, highly recommend." curtvx, VXR Online "I'm still with CKI and had need to check something recently, the question was answered promptly and efficiently and was the one I wanted to hear too. Yes they will cover the modification of having a Tow Bar, for free. Some companies don't." velocemitch, Alfa Romeo OC "+1 happy customer. Joined today with my A3. Hassle-free experience and ultra-pleasant price, beating A***** F*** and others. Thanks guys hope my next call is for renewal!" noriders, Audi-Sport forum "Been a loyal CK customer for over 10 years with at least 2 policies a year running & at times 3. Also recommended to family & friends on numerous occasions. Always had great service & decent quotes pro rata for cover." mr wilks, Z4 Forum "Tried all sort of comparison websites and even approached a few directly. Even with a 1 Year NCD and a puny little Jazz the quotes were staggeringly high. £780 if I pay upfront + I would need to get a black box installed. The cheapest non-blackbox insurance was about £900+. I thought let's give @ChrisKnottIns a try as they talk about club discounts etc all the time. Well called them up, wait was a bit longer than expected but at the end of the phone call I was with a fully comp policy including legal cover and no pesky blackbox for a price I could not believe as they beat every single quote by a margin and that is with monthly payments and 'a declared mod' so yeah, really, really happy about it and I have already recommended them to my friends." legend-ary, Honda Karma UPDATE: "Wow @ChrisKnottIns Your quote bested all the others and I have now purchased a fully comp policy with you guys! Fantastic...can't recommend you guys enough in fact you should be getting a call from a friend of mine soon." legand-ary, Honda Karma (see above) "My wife's insurers wanted an additional £126 on top of the £430 paid in November to switch from the 2.4 Accord to the 'what should be cheaper to insure' 2.0 FR-V. I told them where to stick it and cancelled her policy. Called Chris Knott and they came back with £290 as a new policy. Now that's 3 policies in the family with Chris Knott." qc2, Honda Karma UPDATE: "I've just got my insurance through Chris Knotts for just over £300 and that's declared any mods, they beat my previous insurance company and got to admit I found Ian very helpful." sag, Landcruiser Club "Yep! It worked for me too. All the other companies I tried had higher premiums for the same terms. Many thanks CKI. BasilBB, uklegacy forum "Very pleased and glad insurance is now sorted for another year. Excellent service, highly recommend anyone to get a quote from CKI" curtvx, VXRonline "Got a great quote from Chris [Knott] today... from 800 down to 380...fab.. many thanks." hairyman68, 350z-UK "Spoke to Kathy this afternoon and she was very helpful. Beat nearest quote (although would still like it to be less). When our other Octavia is due for renewal in a few months, I will be in contact." AirborneVRS, Briskoda "5* - Just sorted my car insurance for another year. Matched and beat quotes I'd gotten elsewhere and £165 cheaper than my renewal. So glad to be back with you for my insurance. Great service and always lovely people to deal with. Superb level of cover too! Thank you very much." Aaron Carter, Facebook "Please let me place on record my appreciation of the courteous and efficient way Tabitha dealt with my enquiry." Jeff Ellis, Cardiff "Just took my policy out with them and got a decent enough price...thanks." fridgeman, GT86/BRZ Owners Club UPDATE: "Thanks Nick, you guys are amazing. You actually beat a requote today for me. I will be sorting out the paperwork as soon as I know when I'm picking up the car and will be bringing my wife's insurance policy over to you on 9 June. Cheers." AirborneVRS, Briskoda "Speak with Volvo Owners Club Insurance Scheme, through Chris Knott. I've always had a good deal through them but, as with any broker, haggle a bit!" mjk164, Volvo Owners Club "Some specialist older or performance insurers sometimes have good offers...with me not being 25 yet the best price came via Chris Knott." Pete940, Volvo Owners Club "Just signed up with Chris Knott - done me a fantastic deal beating all other quotes I had. Very happy with the result on my 2.5 ghia x thanks." kmb306, Ford Mondeo OC best, Nick
  13. UPDATE: £56 CAR INSURANCE SAVING WITH CHRIS KNOTT Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to all the members who've used us for their car insurance already this year. Last month we had our best February EVER and it's all down to you - Chris Knott's best February in 33 years of helping car club members save money on their car insurance! I had a look at the 2016 figures on Thursday and the average saving we negotiate for a car enthusiast is £56*. That's £56 less than the best alternative quote a member can find. Some save more, some save less of course but it's a good message and means it's worth picking up the phone to request a Chris Knott quote when you're looking around at renewal. Don't forget if you're due in the next few months, that you can gain entry into our Spring Spectacular with 3 great prizes on offer (http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2016/spring/) just for receiving a quote. See our other recent post about getting a quote and winning. For your no-obligation quote please call Chris Knott FREE on 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too). To get the full benefit of club membership please mention this forum specifically when you call. Thanks, Nick ************************ TESTIMONIALS Further recent proof that our special club scheme has value in the car club community: "Just set up my insurance with Chris Knott earlier today. Did the usual trawl through Gocompare and Confused to set the benchmark and then had a call from Kathy at Chris Knott. They came back and bettered the lowest quote by £30 but also provided much better cover by not limiting the miles (£335 all in)." SparkyBrum, Z4 Forum "The service I received when I had the quote was excellent and Chris Knott seems to have a good reputation on car forums." hineyho87, FiestaST OC "Well you guys had the cheapest quote so I'm going with you. Cancelled my Sky policy just now." rob275, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club "Excellent service from Chris Knotts - told them a week ago I was in the process of purchasing a private plate, the guy on the phone said because I informed them early the £15 it would've cost to amend the paperwork will be waived, well happy." deni.babe, CivInfo "Just phoned up after receiving a pathetic renewal quote. Really impressed by the service and the quote I have received." aslee17, AlfaOwner forum ************************ *£55.98 to be exact - the average difference between our quote and the member's best quote (from shopping around or their existing renewal, whichever was the cheaper) where best alternative quote information was provided.
  14. Hi, here's just a quick reminder that you could benefit from Chris Knott's highly competitive GAP Cover if you're thinking about buying a new or nearly new car in the coming months. It doesn't have to be a club car - it might be an extra car for your household. If you're buying from a dealer, the subject of GAP Insurance is bound to come up at some point. Of course, your dealer will have their own product to offer you but is there a better option? You bet there is! There’s a good chance you’ll save quite a bit of money over the dealer’s offering when you ask for a Chris Knott GAP quote - check out the testimonials below. And as we’re insurance experts you’ll have the benefit of sound, professional advice too if you need it. For your no-obligation GAP quote please either call Chris Knott on 0800 917 2274 or use our online Quote & Buy facility at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/GAP to find out how much you could save. best, Nick USEFUL LINKS What is GAP?: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/GAP/CombinationGAP Online Quote: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/GAP Policy Summary: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/docs/GAPC_Summary.pdf Full Policy Wording: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/docs/GAPC_Wording.pdf ****************** TESTIMONIALS about Chris Knott GAP Cover: "Just took this [GAP] up with Andy when we bought the wife's new Toyota GT86. £151 to cover a £29k car. This is combined cover to clear any finance and most importantly, pay the difference between the insurance settlement and the initial invoice price. Dealer wanted over £400! They also provided car insurance cover for the car. Again, really competitive prices and I know from experience that the cover, should the worst happen, is excellent." Squadrone Rosso, Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK "FYI guys - just got a very competitive quote for car insurance and GAP insurance on the ultra prestige model from a lovely lady at Chris Knott. Worth checking out!" mjogreen, DS3Club "I've used Chris Knott for a few years as a direct result of seeing them on here. They do great value GAP insurance too." dagdave, CMax OC "Just a quick one, covered my ST earlier with Chris Knott's GAP Insurance, £120 for 3 years, it took me 5 minutes for a quote online and about 10 minutes on the phone to finalise. The lady I spoke to was great and managed to answer everything I asked. The purchase of GAP insurance was purely for peace of mind in case the car is ever to go missing and doesn't return. Don't hesitate, £40 per year is nothing for peace of mind. I can't comment on the service in a situation where the car has gone but so far so good!" titchytom86, FiestaST OC
  15. Hi, I can't keep it in any longer - I'm too excited for you. So I've decided I'm going to let you in now on something pretty cool that's happening in the next few days. It's still very hush-hush so I can't say too much at this stage or I'll get in trouble but I wanted you to know that the next Chris Knott prize draw is soon to be launched and it promises to be the best one yet! What I can tell you is that it will benefit anyone asking us to quote, between 1 March and 31 May, for a car we don't yet insure. If that's you you'll automatically be entered for the draw and this time there's more than one awesome prize. Look, I've got to shut up now or I'll say too much but make sure you ask us for a quote under our special club scheme during March, April or May if you're interested in finding a better quote for your car insurance and you'll gain entry to the draw. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (free for mobiles too) - please mention this forum. When I can say more, I'll fill you in on the prize details. best, Nick PS. We can quote 30 days ahead so you may be able to benefit from the draw even if you're not due until the end of June (just get your quote before 31 May). ******************* In the meantime, here's some recent feedback about the scheme. We love hearing from you. If you've had a good experience we can pass it on to the team member/members involved to encourage them. "We have 2 cars insured with you and you've been great. We've just ordered 2 new ones for delivery in March so we'll be calling you again soon to see what you can do. Thanks again." scrounger, BabyBMW "They are brilliant. I know the company well and have used them for many years. Both my Golf V5 and Volvo are insured with them. I know Nick's word is good. Known him for many years and a true professional as his company. Give them a try. Loyalty bonuses help on renewal too." Matt, UK-MkIVs "Rang for a quote yesterday, spoke with Rebecca who was very friendly and very helpful, K&N induction kit declared and accepted on policy with a very good price. Took out policy and printed cover note and documents an hour later. Excellent service." sliderboy, CivInfo "£62 cheaper than my current insurer. Not bad, going to ring around and see what others offer, think it may be hard to beat though!" rob275, GT86 & BRZ Drivers Club "Just got yourselves another new customer!!! Came in £50 cheaper than Axa who were the cheapest of all others!" slackworth, Audi-Sport net "Just spoke to Kim, got me a great quote. Great service, an insurance company I recognize - not only cheap but really good cover too Thanks!" sharkrider, Briskoda *******************
  16. The results are in... As you know, Chris Knott Insurance specialises in looking after the insurance needs of car enthusiasts, working to help the members of around 200 car clubs/forums across the UK. A bit like the BAFTAs on TV last night we've compiled the Chris Knott Top 20 - a ranking of our top car club partners over the last year in terms of enquiry levels, number of policies written and quote conversion rate (success rate). If your club features (or one that represents your marque) it means you're more likely to save money on your standard/modified/multicar insurance when you ask Chris Knott to quote, based on past performance. If your club doesn't feature, it's probably more to do with enquiry levels than conversion rate so get asking us to quote and you could be on our leaderboard next time around!! Remember that we're happy to share our earnings with your club for every policy that goes ahead or renews so you'll benefit the club/forum too. THE CHRIS KNOTT TOP 20 (2015) 1. Alfa Romeo Owners Club 2. Volvo Owners Club 3. Briskoda 4. Saab Owners Club 5. Z4 Forum 6. Mercedes Owner 7. Audi-Sport.net 8. MPS Owners Club 9. CivInfo 10. BMW 5 Series Owners Club 11. Fiesta ST Owners Club 12. GT86 Owners Club 13. TT Forum 14. MR2 Owners Club 15. BabyBMW.net 16. MG-Rover.org 17. Civic TypeR Owners Club 18. Focus ST Owners Club 19. VectraC/Signum Owners Club 20. 350Z-uk.com Thanks if you've already asked us for a quote under the club scheme. If you haven't yet, please do call us when your renewal falls due and include us in the mix of companies you get your quotes from. The guys below did and they were glad they'd called. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this club/forum to receive the full benefit. best, Nick ****************************** TESTIMONIALS If you needed more proof that Chris Knott offers a great scheme for club members, here's what some have said about us recently: "I'd highly recommend Chris Knott. I got a very competitive modified car policy through them. Always very helpful when I contact them to add parts etc." Robbo1987, FiestaSTOC "Nick, thanks for arranging a callback today. Called regarding two cars, first quote beat the best offer on CompareTheMarket, second beat it by £40. I've still to pit you against one final provider but the girls I've spoken to today have been lovely!" dangerousfish, DS3OC "I've just spoken to a lovely lady called Kathy at CKI and got a nice competitive quote from them. Unless we can find it a lot cheaper I think we'll be going through CKI as they seem to offer a more personal touch to the whole insurance quagmire." nb67, Z4 Forum "(Kim) was very professional, polite and friendly, I felt at ease with her. Asset to your company and we sorted deal on 147 GTA insurance. That happy, might insure the wife's car with you in September." Paul Jones, Alfa Romeo OC "Just renewed my insurance through yourselves, significantly cheaper than AXA and only £20 more than the cheapest online quote. £345.00 fully comp and protected no claims for a 50 year old. Good efficient service, and friendly staff, I hope I never have to claim but if I do I hope this service continues." davedutch, Nissan 350Z forum "Well worth the phone calls to save over £300 - well, was in my case." ant1718, Vauxhall Owners Network ****************************** A reminder of the MAIN CHRIS KNOTT PRODUCTS available to members: * Standard/Modified Car Insurance/Multi-car Insurance (extra discounts for more than one car) - phone for a quote * Breakdown Cover - by phone or quote and buy online * GAP Insurance - by phone or quote and buy online CHRIS KNOTT QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - Please mention this forum to receive the full benefit.
  17. Our 'Awesome Autumn' Offer - £5 OFF UK Breakdown Cover Chris Knott Breakdown Cover normally costs £59.50 for a single vehicle and there are extra discounts for covering multiple vehicles. However, to help members as we enter the misty mornings and cooler days of Autumn, we're offering £5 OFF these rates until further notice. You can arrange cover by calling FREE on 0800 917 2274 or you can use our 'quote and buy' facility online at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rescue - this seasonal discount is added once you've entered your quote details. Cover really is comprehensive - you'll benefit from all of the following: • HomeStart - to help you begin your journey when your car won’t start • UK Roadside Assistance - to get you back on the road • UK Recovery - to take you and your car back home or to a local repairer • Onward Travel - to take you and your car to your original destination • Overnight Stay - to help you continue your journey the following day • 24hr Hire Car - to get you home or to help you continue your journey • Relief Driver - to get you home if the driver is taken ill • Message Relay - to let loved ones or colleagues know you’ll be late In addition you'll be covered for eventualities such as flat batteries, lost or broken keys, accidental damage to tyres and running out of fuel. With an average call out time of just 35 minutes you'll be glad you're not left stranded like those who don't arrange cover before the really cold weather sets in. So, either call Chris Knott Breakdown FREE on 0800 917 2274 or use our online 'quote and buy' facility at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rescue for competitively priced UK Breakdown Cover.
  18. Discount on UK Breakdown Cover for VR6OC members

    UPDATE: LAST CHANCE TO BENEFIT FROM OUR £5 DISCOUNT Just a quick reminder that this is the final month in our discounted Breakdown Cover offer. Until 1st March you can arrange 12 months' comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover with Chris Knott for just £58 (normally £63). Multi-car options are also available at a discounted rate. Cover really is comprehensive and there are NO 'age of vehicle' limits. It's also not the sort of cover where you have to pay for assistance and reclaim the cost later. It's designed to be simple for you to use, hassle-free when you need to. You can buy over the phone by calling 0800 917 2274 and following the 'car' options or you can use our quote and buy facility at Chris Knott UK Breakdown Cover - Quote & Buy. Make sure you're not left stranded during 2016. Arrange cover today. Cover includes all the usual features PLUS that all-important HomeStart. best, Nick PS. Don't forget us for your car insurance either. We're signing up car club members at a great rate due to our quote-beating flexibility. The computer's rate? That's just a guide. We're offering real world rates. Give us a call today on 0800 917 2274.
  19. How to get a great car insurance deal in 2016... Hi, It's always good to know if there are special deals to be had. Maybe deals that are not available to Joe Public. The Chris Knott Insurance scheme is one such deal that rewards car enthusiasts with better car insurance rates just for having joined up with this club/forum. OK, so what's the deal? What makes it different to all the other car insurance providers? Well, the insurers on our panel believe that you'll be a better risk than the average driver. So they'll allow us to do all we can (within set criteria) to attract you, including offering very competitive rates. Does it work? You bet it does!... Today, I was looking at the figures for last month and was really pleased to see that our overall quote acceptance rate was 48%. That means we were the best for 48% of the people who called us. That's astonishingly good. I dug further and found that (again in December) we retained 81% of clients at their renewal so it's not a case that we hook you in with a cheap rate and then hike it later. Of course, price isn't everything but it's a major factor in choosing the next insurer for your pride and joy. Where we can we'll offer you a quote that's better than anything else you can find out there and that may involve you telling us what your best alternative is. As I said, the insurers on our panel will often be flexible on their price to win you (and keep you). In addition to great rates we also reward the clubs that we work with. Where they're interested, we pay commission for each policy sold to a member and we pay again at each renewal. This helps to cover the running costs of the club/forum. Last year we paid over £92k in commission to clubs/forums to say thank you for working with us to encourage members to at least try us for a quote. Will you try us and see how much you can save with the Chris Knott Car Club Insurance scheme? Check out the testimonials below from other happy car club members. Did I mention that we're mod-friendly too? QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 We're working hard to save you money and give something back to the club/forum when we do. So please pick up the phone when your renewal falls due and request your special 'club member' quote. best, Nick PS. Don't forget that we also offer you multi-buy discounts, loyalty rewards and a 'recommend a friend' scheme. We're offering you and the car enthusiast community more than the average insurance provider will. Please call us on 0800 917 2274 for your no-obligation quotation. ************************ Recent Testimonials - there are alot of them so I don't expect you to read them all but you'll get the idea: "Well after seemingly endless calls to various companies (many I've used in recent years but some new) to get the V70R back on the road, it looks like I've got a deal!... Modern policies were sky high, as I've just turned 25… and as I'm not going to use it as my every day car, I can't use my 6 years NCB on quotes. Just got off the phone with Kim at Chris Knott, and they're covering me for £445 on a modern policy (so it can earn its own NCB) fully comp. Very helpful, and VOC get a few quid out of the deal as well!" Warninglight, Volvo Owners Club "Just renewed my 4.2 A8 with you. Good price, good sales rep (Ian)." alanyork, Audi-Sport forum “Another "quote me happy" customer. Easily the most competitive this year. You were not able to cover me last year, due to only 2 months experience with a RWD car, but thankful I gave you a call this year. Thanks again to Kim who was very professional and took me through everything in the right amount of detail.” James Durbin, Z4 Forum "Great quote & service from Rebecca @Chris_Knott_Ins - will be back with the other 2 cars for you to quote next month." Jason Adderley, Twitter “Better Rates. Time for my first renewal since acquiring my 2012 S Class so compared my old insurers quotes with compare the market and found a cheaper price. Then tried Chris Knott who both matched the best quote and offered me an extra £20 off so I have accepted it.” Nicholas15, Mercedes-Benz Owners Forum “I found CK well priced and very clued up on mods, would recommend.” mark-in-stoke, GT86 Owners Club “Not only were the team helpful when I came to renew my insurance, over £200 less than my previous insurance company who I’ve been with for many years, but even when closed they managed to help me on Boxing Day by using their Facebook messaging service. I would highly recommend these guys and have several friends who have taken out policies.” Mathew Watson, Facebook “Not often I'm this impressed but the service I received today from Ian at Chris Knott was second to none. Not only were they open this morning (2nd Jan) but the quote was very competitive, fast, and the transaction went through immediately trouble free. I was able to tax the new convertible online within minutes of coming off the phone to Ian. Really impressed, Thanks.” Jimmylegs, Celica Club “Called up again today to inform them of the pending OBX 4-2-1 manifold going on. "No problem, that's the policy updated for you". Cloud 9. Must have been about the 10th call to them to makes changes over the term so far, certainly been 3 in the last 2 months what with the lowering springs etc. No charge again. Thank you.” Lexo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club
  20. How to get a great car insurance deal in 2016...

    Apparently car insurance rates have risen by £100 over the last year (Daily Mail article). If you find that your renewal with your existing provider has gone up please give us a call to see if we can beat your quote with our special car club member scheme. The scheme performs even better when the rest of the market is putting prices up (see feedback below). We love car club members and we're mod-friendly too. Please request a quote using one of the following methods: 1. Call 0800 917 2274 and mention this club/forum; Phone is best as you'll be calling us when it's convenient to talk. With the other methods it's a bit hit or miss whether you can talk when we call. 2. Text QUOTE ME to 61211; 3. Complete our brief Callback Form at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote Thanks, Nick ************** TESTIMONIALS The fresh feedback keeps flowing in. Here is some more gathered in recent days: “Cheapest quote I have had so far by £22” Little_ant, Integra Type-R DC2 forum "I went with Chris Knott and the service I was given was fantastic together with a great quote on my ST and a fantastic quote on the wife's Kuga (beat the comparison sites)." ###simon###, Fiesta ST Owners Club "I was pleased with the quote and deal I received when insuring mine with you a couple of weeks ago. Thank you." Marshy, AudiRS3OC "I got a very good modified car insurance policy through Chris Knott and find them very helpful whenever I contact them." Robbo1987, FiestaSTOC “There's lots of good feedback from Chris Knotts on here. It's great to see, and makes a refreshing change to hear positivity about an Insurance Company.” Leonardo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "Two cars insured with your good selves here. I'm hoping I stay with you at renewal too." T-800, AudiRS3 Owners Club
  21. WIN TICKETS FOR 2016 MOTOGP with CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE Hi, Get a quote from Chris Knott Insurance in December and you'll be in with a chance of winning a great prize. Just for requesting a quote on a car we don't yet insure you'll automatically be entered into our prize draw where you could WIN A 2016 MOTOGP SILVERSTONE, THREE-DAY TICKET FOR TWO. PRIZE DETAILS Enjoy access to Silverstone from Friday 2 September to Sunday 4 September 2016 and be part of all the exhilarating action of the prestigious MotoGP™ weekend event. Get off the sofa, don’t miss a moment and take a fellow fan along for the experience, with general admission tickets for two covering the exciting Practice, the spectacular Qualifying and of course the thrilling Race Day. MotoGP™ is the world championship of motorcycle racing, and there’s no better place to see it than trackside at Silverstone, the home of British motorsport. With three days' admission to the circuit you’ll enjoy the full experience that’s on offer, which includes the off-track entertainment as well as lots of bars and shops and the Moto2 and Moto3 events that are also taking place across the weekend. Perfect for any fans of the super-fast two-wheeled sport, this experience is made for sharing. Soak up the terrific atmosphere, sights and sounds during a full schedule of racing action across three days of unmissable motorcycling. HOW TO ENTER All you need to do is call us on 0800 917 2274 during December for a genuine car insurance quote. We'll be aiming to make you a winner by finding you a better car insurance deal but you'll also gain entry to this special Chris Knott Insurance December Prize Draw. In addition to great prices (and prizes) the Chris Knott Car Insurance scheme offers forum members first-class personal attention from fully-trained car insurance experts who understand both standard and modified cars. When you arrange your car insurance through Chris Knott you also benefit from all the ongoing support you need. Pick up the phone today and we can quote you for policies due in the next 30 days. best, Nick ************************************************ TESTIMONIALS Yet more feedback about our special scheme for car club/forum members: "I've been with XXXXXX XXXX for a few years now but decided to give Chris Knott a try this year. With exactly the same policy and company I was previously with they were immediately 10% cheaper on a £450 policy. I rang my broker to cancel my renewal and got the usual "we'll try and get a better price" and knocked a further £60 off the same policy... I decided I was still going to change, so rang back to Chris Knott to sort out. When I spoke to them again to say go ahead they had another look and came up with an even better quote, different company but same, if not better, specifications and saved me another £70. So overall I've saved myself £100 on my renewal quote, that's a great saving on the original £450. What more can you say !!! Well done." stokey1964, VWAudiForum "Already with you guys and would highly recommend you." cache, CivInfo "Have got both cars (Nissan 100NX and Octavia Scout) insured with Chris Knott for the same as just the Scout last year." RainbowFire, Briskoda
  22. WIN 2016 MotoGP Tickets with CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE

    UPDATE: MotoGP Silverstone tickets - winner Happy New Year to you all! We're really grateful to everyone who contacted Chris Knott last year for a quote. Please remember to give us a call again this year as your renewal comes due, especially if either the price, your age or your experience were an issue before. Chances are you'll now fit our criteria and we look forward to helping even more car club/forum members to get a better car insurance deal. December was an amazing month for the scheme and we thrashed the month's target - so thank you very much. Maybe it was because we were offering such an awesome prize in our monthly draw - MotoGP Silverstone tickets, three days for two people. I'm pleased to announce the winner of the Chris Knott December Prize Draw as Jake Moakes, a member of BimmerForums. Jake, we'll be in touch next week to arrange to get the tickets to you. Congratulations! All Jake did was ask us for a quote. Why don't YOU pick up the phone and request a quote too? Call Chris Knott Insurance FREE on 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too) or complete our callback form at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote. You can even request a quote by texting QUOTE ME to 61211. We look forward to helping you save money this year. best, Nick ************************* TESTIMONIALS Here's what club members have said about Chris Knott's prices and service in the last month or so: "Try Chris Knotts - just a quickie to say thanks again to Chris Knotts. They were the cheapest when I got the policy 6 months ago and just called them up to tell them about the cat back that's being fitted on Saturday. Zero charge for policy amendment and zero hike in premiums." Lexo, Hyundai Coupe Owner Club "I also went with CKI as they were cheaper than my renewal from eSure. Ian was very helpful on the phone with my quote and the communication back about the quote, acceptance of my no claims bonus, renewal quote and licence came through the day they received it (day after I posted it using prepaid label) meant I knew it was received and in order. I also got another text today thanking me for my business and here is the claims phone number if I should ever need it. My policy came into effect as from yesterday." ScoobyDoo, JagInfo "Well done. Got my coupe today and Rebecca from Chris Knott's team done a great job beating the cheapest quote I had, and that included Euro use, and key cover." paulk, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "Just spoke to these guys, Adam I think it was, beat A***** F*** by £40 and my existing insurer by over £80. £345 for an old timer (just turned 50) like me including 90 days Euro cover sounds fair to me so I will be taking this up in the next couple of weeks." davedutch, Nissan 350Z Forum *************************
  23. Hi, With Christmas just around the corner, if your car insurance is due in the coming weeks we're really keen to talk to you and offer a competitive quote as soon as possible. It is important to us that our staff have a good rest and that they can enjoy their Christmas break. So there are a few days over Christmas when we're not asking them to work (see opening hours below) but otherwise we're open for business and really keen to find you the best deal. Competitive quotes for club/forum members When quoting you for your car insurance we always ask what your best alternative quote is and we've certainly been seeing rates increasing out there. The good news is that we're beating those alternative quotes through the special Chris Knott scheme for enthusiasts. Chris Knott - the winning team So please do call Chris Knott Car Insurance for a quote if your renewal is due soon - our stats show that about 40% of the quotes given are winning quotes. That means 40% find their best deal by coming to Chris Knott which is a great reason to pick up the phone. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (now free from all mobiles too). December Prize Draw If you call before close of play on 31st December you'll automatically be entered into our monthly Chris Knott prize draw. This month the prize is 2x 2016 MotoGP Silverstone tickets covering all 3 days of racing and all you have to do is request a genuine quote in December (see our other post on the forum about this). ************************** CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS Thursday 17th December - 9:00am-12:15pm then CLOSED for firm's Christmas lunch Thursday 24th December – 9:00am-12:30pm Friday 25th December - CLOSED (Christmas Day) Saturday 26th December – CLOSED (Boxing Day) Sunday 27th December – CLOSED Monday 28th December – CLOSED (Bank Holiday) Tuesday 29th December – CLOSED Wednesday 30th December – 9:00am-5:00pm Thursday 31st December – 9:00am-12:30pm Friday 1st January – CLOSED (New Year's Day) Saturday 2nd January – 9:00am-12:00noon Sunday 3rd January - CLOSED Normal hours resume on Monday 4th January. ONLINE OPTIONS You can still arrange Chris Knott UK Breakdown Cover or Chris Knott GAP Insurance over the festive period via our website and existing clients can pay a renewal online at www.chrisknott.co.uk (follow the link at the bottom of the homepage). CLAIMS OVER CHRISTMAS To report a Motor claim (excluding windscreen claims) please call the Chris Knott Claimsline: 0345 618 8316. For all other claims please refer to your individual insurer's policy documentation for the correct number to call. ************************** As the festive season soon begins, we hope you have a great Christmas and we thank you for your interaction on this forum over the last year. If you accepted our quote, we are genuinely grateful - remember we're here to help you with anything you need throughout your time with us. If we didn't win your business this year please give us another go next year and we'll always do our best to find you the best deal. Happy Christmas, The Chris Knott Team
  24. WIN £100 with Chris Knott Insurance in November... Continuing our monthly offers to encourage you to pick up the phone for a quote on a car we don't yet insure, this month we're offering a £100 Amazon Voucher to one lucky caller. Simply request a quote in November (for a policy starting in November or upto 30 days ahead) and we'll enter you for our prize draw. Think what you could buy on Amazon with your £100. You can spend it on yourself or maybe use it to purchase Christmas gifts for loved ones - offset the cost of Christmas. To request a quote, you should call us FREE on 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum. If you prefer, you can Request a Car Quote online. We look forward to helping you save money. Insurance Premium Tax - the tax you pay as part of your premium - increased on 1 Nov so you may see an increase in your renewal from your current provider. Remember, we're looking to beat your best alternative so give us a call when their figure comes in. We'll try to reduce your premium and we'll automatically enter you for the draw - just for calling. best, Nick PS. October's prize winner will be announced soon - someone's won a Karcher K2 Pressure Washer! ******************************* DOING THE BUSINESS FOR CAR CLUB MEMBERS... These club members have liked our service and our quotes recently: "I have just transferred my XFR insurance to Chris Knott to do. Admiral quoted me a whopping £661 for renewal and reduced it to £440 when I phoned them. Online the best I had was £380...including legal and Chris Knott beat it as an introductory offer. £368.50 - Great deal and great service. Thanks." griff, XFForum "Chris Knott actually gave me the most competitive quote this year, beating my renewal and quotes from all the other 'performance' insurers out there!! So I am now a Chris Knott customer! Thanks Chris Knott :)" Johnny 5, TypeAccord "I phoned Chris Knott today before I phoned my usual insurers. '54 beetle, 1776cc, fully comp, UK Recovery, agreed valuation, me the wife and my 24year old son. £160. Saved me at least £60." Baz54, VolksZone "Just insured my Sportage with CKI this year - they cut £645 off last year's price with another insurer, so I'm more than happy so far!" Therkim, KiaOC "Renewed through Chris Knott again this year. Got straight through to an advisor, as with the couple of calls I needed to make to them during the expiring policy. I'm now covered by an insurer I know has looked after relatives needing to make a claim, at the best price I could find from any provider. They have always been quick and helpful each time I've called, showing you can still get good quality service with competitive quotes." Rabbut, A1 Forum "All sorted and renewed. Awesome service as always!" Deacon, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club *******************************
  25. WIN £100 with Chris Knott Insurance this November

    UPDATE: WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT Thanks to all those who requested a car insurance quote from Chris Knott during November. All quote requests received during the month were automatically entered into our November prize draw to WIN £100 Amazon Voucher. I'm pleased to announce that Mr S Presgrave from Kent was the month's winner. Congratulations go to him! His voucher will be sent out in the coming days but there's an interesting thing about this winner: he is an existing client who asked us to quote on an extra car in his household. So, not only did he win the voucher, he obviously saved money on the quote (because he went ahead with the policy) which included a loyalty discount of £20 on top of any other saving we were able to find for him to win the business. If you're a Chris Knott client you too will receive our loyalty discount when you bring extra cars to us that we don't already cover for you. If you're not yet a Chris Knott client, why not call us for a quote when your car insurance renewal falls due. Don't forget, if you request a quote during December for a policy that's due within 30 days, you could WIN 2x 2016 MotoGP tickets for Silverstone (all 3 days) - see our other post on the forum about this. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 best, Nick PS. We've already reached 50% of December's target in just the first 5 working days of the month! This is because we've got some great rates available for car club/forum members. It's worth you calling. PPS. Check out the post in our section about our current Breakdown Cover offer too. ********************************************************** Some of the RECENT FEEDBACK on Chris Knott from the car club community: "This year, I took the best quote I had and asked Chris Knott to beat it, which they kindly did. I think that method would work with anyone." JaceMindu, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club "I had a similar experience with these guys, they undercut the premiums on 3 of our cars by 10% and now the 4th car by £30 on the renewal. If it continues we will be using them for a long time!" bluestreak56, Z4-Forum "We bought our first Z4 at the weekend (a weekend fun car!) and I completed my normal checks of the various comparison sites. As I already have our main family car in my name we decided to register this under my wife's name with her as the main insured. She hasn't had a car insurance policy for 3 years so no NCB although a named driver. I spoke to the very helpful Rebecca who still managed to beat our lowest quote by £20. A small saving but I would rather £20 in my pocket than an insurance company's! Honestly I didn't expect them to beat the comparison sites so I was pleasantly surprised. Great service and I will be getting a quote on our Audi when it is due to renew." onenil, Z4-Forum "I've just insured with Chris Knott and mentioned I was from the 350z forum so hopefully that was recorded. They were able to beat my previous best quote from G********* by £30 so I took them up on it and so far so good, I even got a callback when requested too :thumbs:" Sargara, 350Z Forum "Just taken out my insurance with you guys, really easy talking to Kathy (last month) and then Rebecca today, and they actually know what mods are! Brilliant." Mark-in-Stoke, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club "Great service and price. New quote was only £20 higher than last year's quote and again they were the cheapest after I did some comparing, so happy bunny for another year. Try them out - got nothing to lose and everything to gain!" Imran, VWAudi Forum