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  2. My VR6 JUDDER

    Hi i fitted a new maf censor today as the vw laptop said i needed one.After it was fitted it was slighty better but still not 100%.So i phoned my friend at vw and explianed its still playing up but he reakons he needs to clear the fault for the new maf to work etc does this sound right?
  3. My VR6 JUDDER

    Put it on a vw laptop today at the dealers came back with faulty maf are these straight forward to change just 2 screws cheers??
  4. My VR6 JUDDER

    Hi m8 i dont personnally know what type of plugs that have been used for the car,but i do know he is a decent mechanic who has worked on plenty of vws over the years what i do know is the leads and plugs came to £125 supplied and fitted the car drove fine for a day then i started to get the judder.I will be taking it to vw tomorrow my friends going to try the vagcom on it for me see what results i get.Is their a way to check the coilpack? my mechanic did say it could be the coil pack or maf sensior etc.I have noticed also a blow on my cat would this cause any issues too?Thanks for your replys..... 8-)
  5. My VR6 JUDDER

    Done all filters about 2 months ago...
  6. noisy fuel pump

    Hi mine was very noisey but I changed the fuel filters first just in case as they hadnt been done,but the pump still screamed its head off.Over time the pump got louder and the car started to lose power so I looked around and found a second hand genuine vw one for £45 which I fitted myself.If you do buy second hand beware their are 2 types one is for the deeper fuel tank and the other is for the not so deep tank.If you buy brand new they should know buy your registration but a genuine vw one is about £170 not cheap.
  7. Hi i recentley started getting a miss fire on my 1998 vr6 took it to a garage i use they done some checks turned out the leads and plugs were in a pretty bad state so got them changed and the car ran sweet.Next day after i started driving i noticed thats its developed a judder not a actual misire like before mainly in 2nd gear and as i go up the gears but it only does it between 1,000 and 2,000 revs after the 2,000 mark its fine.What i have noticed is if im gentle on the gas it dont really do it but if im more put my foot down it will do a few judders then go.I have also replaced the fuel pump recently for another genuine vag one but second hand.Some one said may its the math sensor is it im not sure just wondered if anyone had a simlar problem any advice would be great before it goes back to the garage cheers.
  8. My 1998 VR6 Repainted.

    Thxs yeah im pleased im putting the wheels in end of the month for a refurb dont know weather to keep em that colour or try a different colour maybe white,black or grey..
  9. Dragon Green and PROUD

    Hi Dave nice VR m8 just out of intrest ive got a private plate for sale B20 DAV would look great on your VR.... 8-)
  10. My 1998 VR6 Repainted.

    Thxs for the comments I havent to be honest when I bought the car the chap hadnt had the arches rolled and it was catching on the rear really bad.Ive since had the rear arches rolled and its far better,im not sure if the spacers would suit it ill have a look on the net for some pics with them fitted.Thanks again...
  11. My VR6 newly painted

    Looks mint m8 dont see to many silver ones nice job...... ^o)
  12. Hi i posted my car up few months ago she was in need of new wings and a respray finally got the cash togeather had her done and thought id put some pictures up still more mods on the way but so far really pleased how shes looking..... 8-) I had just cleaned her and down came the rain lol
  13. Exhaust System

    Thanks for the reply m8 I managed to track a good second hand vr6 genuine vw one off a car that was being broken for £40 bargain I thought but thanks again for the replys....nice VR to m8 ;0)
  14. HI I havent had my VR6 to long but its fitted with a POWER FLOW rear back box which sounds really nice,problem is the center piece is blowing along with the silencer the bit back from the back box if you get my drift lol.Question is I found a nice second hand one in good condition and cheap but its of a mk3 gti would it still fit or are they differnt bore size thanks.......
  15. Hi my VR6 has developed a strange rubbing noise it seems to be coming from the front passanger side wheel.I get it most as I just start to pull off clutch up and easy off at low speed its almost like the pads are rubbing some times its there all the time and then its not.It dont seem to do it when I reverse,I know its very hard to say without hearing it but its without doubt when the whel starts to rotate just seeing if anyone else has had a simlar problem.I noticed it started not long after I had my wheels cleaned at one of these hand car washs anyway any advice thanks.