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  1. Sorry for the delay... think I've sorted it! Had a good going through the wiring under the drivers side of dash, all okay. Checking behind the fusebox I found a plug not quite seated correctly, think it was plug G1 or G2 (tricky to see behind in there). Since clicking it back in correctly (& making sure the rest are seated tight) it's been as good as gold... even feels better to drive. Thank you to everyone that contributed for your time and knowledge on this issue... Cheers guys.
  2. Thanks for that Philly, much appreciated. Will hopefully get some garage time this week to go deeper and report back. Cheers.
  3. Hoping that someone can help me, as this has got me completely baffled... 1994 Corrado VR6 intermittently cuts out for no apparent reason: No misfire, stutter or change in engine character before it cuts out - just an instant stall, dead. Fault can happen when car is sat idling or when it's being driven, more likely to occur when car has been running for more than minutes and warmed up. Car runs perfectly outside of this fault, it's just sailed through it's MOT, emissions readings are spot on - car behaved perfectly through it's test, but stalled on it's way
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