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  1. so what would you reckon for a new windscreen? on the chaps advert he suggests claiming it through insurance. i dont want to risk higher premiums. My brother suggested £400 if i buy one new. both sound like silly talk to me. i had figured that a decent condition 'rado would achieve around that figure. means i could have a bit of fun and punt it on and not loose anything, or possibly put something back into my rear hipper. good info guys, thanks. just have to wait and see if the guy comes back to me with more pics like i asked.
  2. Hi guys, Ive been registered here for a few months now, not posted much though. Im currently just driving a 2.0l 8v gti colour concept mk3 and im really starting to crave more power. Always been my plan to get a VR but i had always assumed it would be a mk3. However of recent months im starting to see the charms of a corrado. My brothers been driving corrados for a few years now but has always had g60 superchargers. Ive spotted a Corrado VR with no tax or MOT at the moment, the guys got it listed for £1100. My personal feeling is thats far too high for a car with no t&t, but he does say
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