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  1. Tom.

  2. help with km/h clocks

    Nice one, cheers!
  3. help with km/h clocks

    Cool, would be nice to know if I could convert the MFA to mpg rather than L per 100km
  4. help with km/h clocks

  5. High Oil Temp

    Thanks for your reply, I understand that it would run hotter on the track etc, but not that hot!! The oil is quite new as well (Quantum Synta Silver 10w40), but I am tempted to change it now. I've been looking at oil coolers as they are def a good idea for the track like you say. It was dark when I got home so didn't get a chance to check the oil, I'm going to have a look tonight, thanks for the pointers :-) Anyone else experienced this?
  6. Hi chaps, Done a 20 minute taster session at Brands Hatch yesterday and the oil got worrying hot, seemed to stop going up once it got to 134 degrees, the coolant was only slightly over 90. I still whacked the heater on though! Around town and after a blast on the motorway I've not seen it above 110. Should I be worried? Or is this normal for abusive driving? I do have a slight oil weep from the oil cooler, but not excessive at all. Any ideas?
  7. Anyone know this? I have a Vento VR6 which is an import. Only has kilometers on the speedo, would like to change the trip computer over as well. Anyone?
  8. TT's would be cheaper I'd say, but Wilwood's are more likely to be lighter? Where have you found a Wilwood kit, been looking for one to fit my Vento.
  9. OBD1 Ignition leads

    The ones from Ford are VW parts but cheaper!
  10. OBD1 Ignition leads

    Which ones did you buy instead Pete?
  11. help with km/h clocks

    Anyone find an answer?
  12. OBD1 Ignition leads

    I thought (from what people say on here) that the GSF ones were poop??
  13. OBD1 Ignition leads

    Cheers chaps, but I just want some standard ones for now, can anyone shed any more light on getting ones from Ford?
  14. Hi, I have a Vento VR6 which is an OBD1 but with the coil pack. It's currently got some cheap leads which are causing some nice christmas lighting under the bonnet! I know you can get them from a Ford dealer for an OBD2, but are they the same ones for the OBD1?? If so does anyone have a Ford part number?? Cheers + Merry Xmas!
  15. I am looking at getting a catch tank, can anyone please post up a pic of it installed? Cheers