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  2. Being a Premium Member is Well worth it, ive recently had my engine rebuilt and was able to get a great discount on engine mounts. premium membership is the way forward
  3. 3litre running in

    Thanks for the response guys, i think i will do an oil change after 500 miles and give it a good 1000+ before i open her up. I also had Wossner low comp pistons fitted as im going rotrex when im finished with the runing in process. i heard the car is supposed to be running a bit rough with low comp pistons but my car is running just fine just a bit lumpy because of the cams.
  4. 3litre running in

    Hey guys, i recently got my rebuilt 3l vr back and i have been driving like Miss Daisy now for 400miles. whats a good amount of milage to say the engines been run in?
  5. semi or full synthetic oil

    Thanks Guys the feed back has been well appreciated. Yes i've had forged pistons dropped in with the rebuild. My actual rebuild is similar to yours minus the turbo as im going rotrex. I wanted to make sure i put the right oil in a rebuilt engine. Thanks
  6. ive had my engine fully rebuilt and it is being reassembled and should be up and running soon. Ive been told that i should put full synthetic oil in it because its the best oil for a vr? ive always used semi syntheitc oil. Whats Best?
  7. So what turbo's are you running?

    Ive got 3 vr engines and i gave one of them to an engineering company in london who build drag cars. The list of mod's on my engine are endless and it shouldnt be long now before it goes back into its shell.when run in ill have to pick your brain in regards to rotrex set ups.
  8. So what turbo's are you running?

    yeh ive heard it will be under powered. i will be running mine in gently too ive been told to drive like im ''driving miss daisy''. it will be hard for me to drive it gently because where i live you have all these little boys in there 1.2's with stupid loud exhuast thinking the have the right to be on the road with a VR. i hope your search for a turbo kit goes well, but its rotrex all the way for me.
  9. So what turbo's are you running?

    Quick question, how does your car drive with the low comp pistons? im waiting for my 3.1 low comp to go back in but im going to run it in then rotrex it.