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  2. Glowing cat

    Right, I've tested the plugs and you're right, one of em' isn't sparking. God knows how but one of the plugs' ceramic had broken and splintered! replaced that with an old one, getting a new one tomorrow. I've taken the coil pack off and there is crack in the casing next to the center coil. Sourced a new one locally for £116, I'll be buying and fitting that tomorrow!
  3. Glowing cat

    Awesome, cheers guys! I'll get looking for a new coil pack then, I'm just hoping I've not burnt my brand new cat and lambda!
  4. Glowing cat

    Thanks for the responses guys, deffinitely encouraging me to try fix 'yet another' issue rather than give up! If i get down on the floor I can see the cat, and the whole thing was glowing orange. The suggestion it is leting fuel through deffinitely makes sense to me. I've had the Vag-Com on it and it thre up mixture errors and a fule filter issue. I've replaced the fuel filter and done a full service which I'd hoped would take away any problems. I think I will take it to my local guy at the garage, he'll look at it for nothing and probably let me know exactly whats wrong! There are no modifications, just brand new parts replacing broken ones. The actual engine temperature isn't bad, it's just the exhaust. I just hope I haven't burnt a brand new cat and lambda sensor. Do you think they could survive that much heat?
  5. Glowing cat

    I have been working on my VR6 for months, pouring money in to it, and still haven't had a good ride out of her. Most recently I gave her a full service, new plugs, oils and filters (Including fuel filter), There was a problem where the power would come and go, I'd end up limping along with no power, then I looked and saw the cat was glowing orange. I replaced the cat and lambda sensor, and it happened again. Has anyone got any ideas what this could be? Or should I just take it to the scrapper.
  6. Cheers guys but I finaly got in. After everything I was trying, putting it up on axel stands and hooking power up to the starter motor, taking the grill off and trying to get to the bonnet clasp, I ended up unlocking the door with a well placed screwdriver. Turns out that once the lock is broken (Mine already was) If you slide the barrel out you can just turn the lock with a flat screwdriver! Feels good to be able to get back in... Think I'll take that alarm out now!
  7. Cheers for that mate. When you're powering through the starter motor, is it supposed to run whilst you're charging, does it just take a long time? Maybe if I try jumping it from my in-law's Landrover... or will that blow the motor? Unless there's another positive point you can get to from underneath, maybe the alternator? I wonder if there's any way to get to the bonnet latch if I get past the front grill, will it have 2 stages of clasp?
  8. They guy I bought my VR6 from did a bad job of installing the alarm, so at the moment all it does is lock the car, vacuum pump the door pins so you can't pull them up without the central locking and runs the battery flat. Each door/boot lock is broken, so I have no way to get in! I read on another post to try get some power to it through the starter motor, i think I managed this, but the motor just started spinning away and there was still no power to my central locking... Is there any way I can release the bonnet from underneath? If not, what is the cheapest part to replace after breaking in through it? Hope someone can help!