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  2. Any 1 With VAGCOM For OBD1??

    when you install the lead to your computer and install the driver from the CD it will assign a communication port for the device. you can find out which one it is using by going to device manager in windows XP (right click on the my computer icon, left click on properties in the list, this brings up a window. choose the hardware tab and click on device manager) find ports in the list this brings up, click on this and find usb serial port. double click this and find which port it is assigned to. you want it to be set to a port between 1 and 4. you you can change it if required by then clicking on port settings, then advanced. This all sounds way more complicated written down than it is when you do it. Hope this helps pete
  3. Club Members Feedback: Club Membership Benefits

    Let me start by saying thanks to all involved for setting up, maintaining and running such a great website! The amount of knowledge, help and hints is a godsend. Saved me a lot of time and probably a small fortune sorting out the few problems I've had with my car. I signed up for premium membership just after buying my mk3. the very next day saved more than twice my membership fee at GSF I've been back there a few times since and saved myself a stack of money. I went to the VW dealers in Poole a couple of weeks ago, didn't know if i would get any discount, but thought I'd try anyway and got 10% off from them. I think the premium membership is very reasonably priced, (and I'm a real tightass!) the window stickers are v. cool as well. Infact I can't think of any reasons not to join. SO GO ON, JOIN US!!!!!
  4. Any 1 With VAGCOM For OBD1??

    Hi, I bought one from ebay for less than £14. It comes with the 2x2 cable you can use with OBD1. Just took me a little while to suss it out, I didn't think it was working at first. Just make sure your computer and the software are using the same com port. Here's the link vagcom lead on ebay They also delivered pretty fast too. Have fun. Pete