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  2. Mrs B's Golf VR6

    I see what your saying but, where is the fun in driving around in someone else's achievement ? I'm really looking forward to working on the vr and i've never felt like that with a car before. Bring on the challange i say Tbh, if i had bought a car already modified, it probably would of have the $hit ranted out of it LOL!!
  3. Mrs B's Golf VR6

    Thanks everyone for you comments, it's nice to know other people appreciate it like I do Plan is: A good detailing Coilovers Mk4 style Mk3 lights Crystal smoked indicaters and fogs Crystal smoked rears Debadged grill 16" or 17" rims but not sure what ones yet Techtonics exhaust Schimmel 263s Custom re-map Replacement beasting ariel Front number plate Treatment for faded rear spoiler Replacement centre console (a bracket of some sort is screwed on the side of the current one) Replace tatty stearing wheel and gearstick gaiter and gearknob Chrome bezels for instument cluster TT Pedals Pink fluffy dice (only joking) Black leather interior Sound system Alumination change from green to red I think that's it so far
  4. V Nice, I'm lovin those wheels
  5. Mrs B's Golf VR6

    Tbh, it is our car, cause MrB's been driving it more than me :-(
  6. Calender

    Q: Does this forum have a calender each year with peoples pics of their cars?
  7. D-Y(VR6) dub

    V nice matey
  8. Mrs B's Golf VR6

    Thanks matey Some sh*t nearly went into the side of me on the Tesco roundabout in ely earlier, I was furious. He clearly wasn't looking where he was going and was going too fast!! I would of been heart broken if I'd had a crash on my first day of being a vr owner.
  9. I picked the car up this morning, everything all went as planned. 135mph on the way home with more left to give (on a private road, naturally) Popped to the local scrappy for a rear wiper arm and on the way back, hit a pigeon with the windscreen :@ Work In Progress :-d Arty Farty Shots! Completely Standard 1997 R Plate 2.8 VR6 115k miles, full service history Mystic Blue Climatronic Climate Control A Whole Dogs Worth of Dog Hair :gag: 16" BBS Alloys (Need a refurb)