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  1. GTI-VR6

  2. window sliding down!!!

    thanks mate, ill get that done!!!
  3. window sliding down!!!

    recently my drivers side passenger window keeps sliding down, if i press the button the window goes down but when i press up nothing happens. any ideas what the problem is? and is it an easy fix? thanks
  4. Using a lot of water!!

    no ive checked that mate, thats what i thought it wud be, but it seems fine!!
  5. Hi, i would really apprciate some help. My vr has been drinking a lot of water recently, i have to fill it up at least once a week. I had a leak a few months back and it was from the housing (?) under the engine, and its been fine for ages. But for 3-4 weeks now it has been drinking so much. Ive had it on the ramps and looked for visible leaks but i cant see any, and theres no wet patches underneath the car in the morning. So where is it going???? please help. thanks
  6. what is this?

    Thanks again Nat, : ) : ) : )
  7. what is this?

    Yes very : )
  8. what is this?

    thanks timah, just rang vw and it the same price, still cheap tho. gonna get it thru vw cos its closer to me than ford. thanks for your help mate
  9. what is this?

    Nat, theyre awesome exactly what i was lookin for hopefully they wont cost a fortune. thsnkyou!!
  10. what is this?

    thanks timah, is it the same price or cheaper?
  11. what is this?

    ok thanks nat,look forward to hearing from you
  12. what is this?

    yeh the twin ones, the ones that you can get covers for
  13. what is this?

    you truly are an amzing GIRL. thanksyou very very much nat
  14. what is this?

    ok thanks binbag
  15. what is this?

    cool, thanks again mate. you seem the man to ask. dont spose you got a set of hella headlights aswell lol. posted in the wanted section but nothin yet