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  2. vr6

    anyone know where i can take my vr6 to get the clutch replaced.i want someone i can trust and who knows vr6's, not just any old garage.i live in middlesex, any ideas will be greatly appreciated
  3. clutch on the floor

    vr6 pete i have checked my fluid and its fine mate,what happened to yours when it went pal, do u mind me asking?
  4. clutch on the floor

    really need some help here chaps
  5. clutch on the floor

    alright chaps, am new to this site and in need of some desprate advice. i got a 95 vr6 highline with 85 on the clock. driving along yesterday and all of a sudden it wouldnt go into gear, i pushed the clutch down and it stayed down, i could pop it back up but then the same happened again. now theres just nothing there, no resistance, nothing.anyone had this problem or anyone know what it could be,could really do without a new clutch, apparently there big bucks.cheers boys