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  2. VR6 Owners - please help

    Thanks a million guys for all the positive replies!! One final thing. Would a price of £2900 be about right for this car? 1997 80K Black Partial Service History
  3. VR6 Owners - please help

    Wagon = Very nice vehicle :-D
  4. VR6 Owners - please help

    Cheers fellas! H19LNE - that wagon looks like a wagon! I beginning to think that it's musical notes come out of the exhausts of these things - as apposed to fumes :-D
  5. VR6 Owners - please help

    Hmm - Yeah I think these figures are just about tying up then. But obviously it all depends on where you are driving like Karr-Man posted earlier - in and around town or on the motorway will make the difference... I'd be covering about 50 miles a day in mine going two and from work... So could possibly get 2 days commute outta £20
  6. VR6 Owners - please help

    Yeah - I would say you probably about right patpong_pete. My totals were only approximate ones
  7. VR6 Owners - please help

    Amendment to calculations as per Karr-Man's post... £20 would get you about 135 miles - give or take
  8. VR6 Owners - please help

    Well 1 gallon = 4.54 liters £20 would buy you 20 liters (current prices) which = approx 4.5 gallons. So at 14 -17 MPG - £20 would give you about 70 miles Thats what I work it out as...
  9. VR6 Owners - please help

    Thanks Phat VR6... I though I read somewhere that 30+ MPG was achievable if you really put your mind to it... Looks like I was away off with my estimations here :-)
  10. VR6 Owners - please help

    Hey TheGoth, So would that be approximately 28-32 MPG for a VR6? Thanks
  11. VR6 Owners - please help

    Thanks guys... I'm not familiar with the sound of the VR6 but I'm pretty certain it will tug on the old heart strings :-D
  12. VR6 Owners - please help

    Oops - I take this to mean 2.0 16V
  13. VR6 Owners - please help

    Silly question - but when you sale valver - this means??? :$ And yes - I have heard a lot of good reports about the noise!!
  14. VR6 Owners - please help

    Hello All, My first post, as am sure a few of you will probably have guessed. I'm on the verge of buying a 97 MK III Golf VR6 off a friend of a friend. It's black and looks in pretty good condition with 80K on the clock. He's looking around £3000 for it which apparently is about the going rate. Never owned a VR6 before and the closest I would have driven to it was a MK III 2.0 16V GTi Golf which I was impressed with. Basically I am just wondering what am I letting myself in for (good points / bad points). I have heard and read they can be quite thirsty and coming from driving a d*e**l (I think I might offend a few people in here if I mention the "D" word) car I am being led to believe that I will be in for a shock in terms of fuel consumption. As well as that is there much of a demand for these types of cars i.e. would the car sell easy again. The car itself is standard with no modifications... Any help/advice is much appreciated. Thanks Cica