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  2. Clutch Hydraulics problem

    I cant see any leaks, but that doesnt mean there aren't any! Just wondered if there are any known problems with seals on master/slave cylinder or anythjing
  3. Clutch Hydraulics problem

    I've searched the forum but cant find anyhting... My clutch has lost all feeling No return when i press the pedal etc. it does just about work but right at the end of its travel right on the floor. I bled the system through and all i'm getting out is fluid and air mixed to look like foam. Not really the desired result. i cant see any obvious leaks or anything, so anyone got any ideas?! thanks., dave
  4. Right. so, after much fault finding it turns out that the ICM is fooked. took it apart and its burnt through the PCB. So, my questions are as follows~: Anyone got one for a K reg OBD1 golf vr6 can I use one from anything else and change the chip over? ani idea how much it should cost me? Thanks
  5. Intermittent Spark...

    cheers guys, i'll give that a go.
  6. right, so after much fettling i've found that i can get a spark on the HT lead going from the coil to the dizzy when i hold it near an earth (engine block) but only when i turn on or off the ignition, not when i'm cranking the engine over. So sounds like it could be the hall effect sensor not telling the coil to spark? Anyone else had/overcome this problem?? My chilton manual suggesting grounding pin 25 on the Ignition control unit under the splash plate just above the bonnet to see if 2 volts appears over the coil, it doesnt. any idea what relay/fuse controls said item? i get the two volts when ignition is turned on, as the manual says i shouild but not when the pin 25 is grounded. Its a 93 vr6 golf with OBD1 engine if it helps!!! Ta, Dave
  7. Car won't start...

    It has got an alarm on it, but it had two wires cut and joined together. can't off the top of my head remember the colours. I would have thought that an immobilizer would stop it from turning over though? I'm tracking down a new coil as we speak, but at 75 of her majesties finest pounds i'm cringing at the thought of buying a new one.
  8. Car won't start...

    Ok i've done that, no spark. I'm gonna go get one from the scrappy and swap it. Also i'ce noticed two wires that aren't connected running along the top of the engine and coming out to somewhere around the air filter side of the engine bay. One is brown (Earth?) and the other is black and yellow. Any ideas? If there aren't any VR6's in scrappy what other cars have the same coil? i know it was a widely used engine. thanks
  9. Right, finally after owning the VR6 (Kreg) for 6 months i've got round to trying to get it running... Its got fuel, its got air, but theres no spark. Distributor looks to be newish, so its probably the coil right? Has anyone got any idea on how to test the coil? do i just need to get one from the breakers and substitute it or is the there a voltage i should be looking for somewhere? Is there anything else i should be looking at? Thanks for your help. Dave