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  1. Hi, please excuse me if I've put this in the wrong forum. I'm currently in the process of putting my VR6 back on the road after 7 years and I want to put the headlamps back to original, standard form. I would like a new set as it's having a fresh coat of paint, but the Hella's go for a premium brand new. Is there a decent aftermarket brand anyone can recommend please and where from? Thanks.
  2. No they havn't got Vag-Com as far as I'm aware. I took it back this morning and after a bit of a discussion, they took it back in to check it out. Got to say I was pretty impressed, they have stood by the work they did. And have sorted it. It was a couple of things, one of the plugs they fitted wasn't firing properly. Also the guy done a repair on the split crank case breather. Which to be fair he didn't have to do. This in turn had dislodged another pipe which was then leaking air. So all fixed now, also he knocked money off the service. Cant be fairer than that. SO it's back in next we
  3. It's just so frustrating. The car was fine before it went in, £210 later it has a missfire! Is yours now 100% sorted?
  4. Just read the two topics on Spark plugs and leads. Cause at the moment they are the bain of my life. Just had a full service done by my local VW service center (not VW themselves) They changed the plugs in the service, fair enough. I collected the car and drove it up the road and it was missfiring like a bastard! So called them up, and they came and collected the car from work and took it back. 2 Hrs later, they delivered the car back, with an extra cost of £60 for a new set of leads. Fair enough I thought. Left work, all seemed fine, running well. Till I got around the lower speed limit
  5. No worries peeps, just removed the heated seat switch and all is fine. So need a new one of those I'm guessing
  6. Hi guys and gals! My VR has decided that it wants to start blowing the fuse which supports the Electric Windows, Heated seats, Electric mirrors and reversing lights. (all on one fuse) Never had this problem since I've owned it, everything has worked fine up until now. Has anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it please? Thanks
  7. Think this maybe a common problem? Mines also gone, thanks H19LNE for the part number
  8. djpaul123


    Thanks guys, fantastic feedback. I will certainly get a price on those BF Goodrich G-Force Profilers, P-Zero's & others as suggested. I'm going to make a purchase this week, so will keep you informed.
  9. djpaul123


    A question for everyone......? Any recomendations on tyres for the VR6? I just drove home in the wet and realised the ones on my car aint worth having on, they are just a cheap make that where put on before I brought it. I've had a search on the web and Dunlop Sp Sport look quite good, some michelin Pilots popped up aswell. I really want a good all rounder tyre that doesn't wear out after 3 months. All suggestions greatly appreciated.
  10. Spot on! Many thanks guys, they look great......... better get hunting around now then
  11. Great to see you guys organise stuff like this. As I've only just got my VR, I would like to see what it's got and how to improve. Work dependant though.
  12. Ah, many thanks! My main concern is unlike the FK lights they dont look as clear and crystal in the daylight. The FK ones I have fitted are LH drive and the beam blinds on coming traffic as I get flashed alot. They are adjust as far left as they can go, although one could perhaps come down a little. The Hella's I'm guessing are a direct replacement for RH drive and the beam wont be offensive to other road users.
  13. Hello, does anyone have these fitted to there MK3? If so could you link me to a picture, as I'm looking to change my FK's to Hella and want to see what they look like on. Many thanks
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