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  2. hi m8 just need a little help from you ive got a obd1 and it has the 280mm brake setup and i need to know what brake hoses i can use the brakes where off a mk4 golf v6 4 motion i don't think i can use these hoses you can use the mk4 hoses i think? you need the banjo style which is what the mk4 has and the obd2 mk3s. as for the bolts. you can use the original bolts but with the spacer obviously not as much thread is catching so its up to yourselves if you want to do that but ive heard of people running it with no problem
  3. just an m12 thread if i remember right? my dads an engineer so he got them for me no problem but search for your nearest fastening supplier?
  4. dont be mental paying $100 for those plates! i made mine myself from 6mm plate of steel i picked up from a welders place, measure the carrier up to it, drew a few lines and cut and drilled away! its easy!
  5. i dont know how many times it needs to be said 15 INCH WHEELS WILL NOT WORK!!! spacing the wheels wont work either, the simple fact is the disc and caliper are too big to fit inside a huge majority of 15inch wheels. FACTORY 15" WHEELS WILL NOT WORK
  6. read the original post. but in short NO they will not fit. general rule of thumb is you need 16" wheels or bigger, i know some 15s do fit but the majority dont.
  7. i got them from my dads work, but any engineering type place will sell them. I put in an old bolt by mistake when putting them back together and it was only a couple threads short, you could maybe use them but people on here said to use longer ones, so i did. when asking for the new bolts remember and ask for high tensile ones. cheap bolts might snap or bend, remember these bolts basically take all the weight of your car stopping when you hit the brakes so id make sure they are good quality
  8. cheers guys, The problem i had with the guides already here were some parts were unclear and it didnt help that the pictures were'nt hosted anymore. would be nice to see it moved to the knowledge vault as there is nothing in it so far on this.
  9. First off, Im not trying to piss on any previous DIY guides been done before by users of this forum, Just i found as a total new to 312mm setup i found it hard getting the answers to certain questions regarding the conversion and pictures from the old threads were no longer hosted. I did a bit of asking around to get my answers and made this guide so anybody in the future wanting to do the conversion can see this thread when they search the forum to answer any questions. Fairly simpe swap and this is how i did it. Parts needed: -312mm discs from an audi tt / skoda octavia vRS and some mk4s (TT part no 8N0615311A) -caliper carriers (Audi TT caliper part no 8N0615123) (audi TT carrier part no (1)Left 8N0615124 (2)Right 8N0615125 ) (note - later spec vr6 guys with 288mm brakes can use the original caliper. early obd1/rado guys will need the caliper from either obd2 vr6 or the caliper from your donor tt/octavia vRS/mk4 - early caliper guys (obd1) need to also buy banjo type brake hoses) -pads to suit 312mm discs (again obd2 guys can use your old pads but id reccomend buying new ones. ) -6mm plate metal (this will become clear later) -m12 high tensile bolts at least 40mm long (your old bolts are no good) -16" wheels at least. 15s WILL NOT WORK here is my spacer i made. you will need to make two of these. It is VERY important you ensure the 12mm holes you drill match EXACTLY up with the 12mm holes in the carrier. This will save you trouble when it comes to putting them on the car. dont worry about it being neat, it cant be seen when its on the car. now i was ready to install my new parts just for comparrison 288 vs 312mm this is the reason for your 6mm plate spacer. notice the 312mm disc has a more protruding face out of the friction area. Your spacer will make your pads and caliper line up properly with the disc. Next stage is pretty simple, simply pulling your caliper off using an alen key on the two bolts on the back and the caliper will lift off. NOTE** do not let the caliper dangle by the brake hose, this can damage the hose, either hang it from the spring with a wire or balance it on the hub. Remove the old caliper carrier 2x 17mm bolts and throw it away (you have a nice new one to install in its place) Now simply bolt up you new carrier with the spacer BETWEEN THE CARRIER AND HUB with your new bolts the rest is easy simply reinstalling everything as they came apart, replacing your brake pads with new ones. hope this comes in handy to anybody wishing for better brakes on a budget. Its wet outside so i cant give a good feedback right now but initial impression is its a worthwhile improvement. cheers