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  2. Cheers fellas, looks like i should save my drinking tokens til the cars had more done with it.
  3. Cheers for the advice guys. I have been told that a remap would push it up to near the 200bhp mark, which would be a noticeable gain over what it's running at now but maybe i'll hang on til i've had a bit more done with the car.
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking about gettin my 97 golf VR6 remapped and i'm just after some advice from anyone who knows anything about this - how much should i be spending, who should i be paying to do it and what kind of gains can i expect?? At the moment the engine is standard apart from a magnex ss exhaust, but i'll soon be fitting a bmc cda filter. I'm sure this has been discussed on the forums in the past so any advice is welcome. Also are there any members in cumbria out there???? Cheers :-p
  5. I'm up for giving you a few quid if you're still lookin for donations?? Am new to the club so only just seen your message. How do u want the cash sent to you? Just out of interest why cant us blokes be involved in the race for life things? Or have i missed somethin obvious (wouldnt be the 1st time lol)?! (i) - This was meant to be a smiley face but all i got was a lightbulb, soz
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