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  2. Hampshire Meet?

    Hi ya, just wondering how many people would be interested in meeting up around the Hampshire area? New to the club and would like to get to know some people. Not sure on dates, just wanted to see how many people would be interested. Cheers
  3. spraying skirts

    thats what i was thinkin, just wanted to get a second opinion, cheers
  4. spraying skirts

    hello, was considering spraying the front and back splitters and side skirts the same colour as the body, any tips?
  5. auto to manual

    ive got a vr6 auto and was wondering how hard it was to convert to a manual? any input is welcome, cheers
  6. HELP! power cable for amp

    yeah no worries, must of been havin a blonde day, cheers anyway
  7. HELP! power cable for amp

    no worries, sorted
  8. hello, may sound really stupid here but oh well, here it goes, how the hell do you get a power cable to run an amp from the battery into the passenger footwell, been lookin but cant see anywhere, all help is most appreciated, cheers in advance
  9. just thought id show my mk3 vr6

    where abouts in poole, what time? sorry new to all this
  10. just thought id show my mk3 vr6

    sorted the pics out now
  11. hello, new here, just thought id say hello and post some pics of my car, its a 96 5dr vr6 auto, also has the highline interior and audi a4 wheels, been lowered 40mm on bilstein shocks and springs and also a straight through exhaust thanks for looking, all comments welcome Moderator Edit to Resize Pictures Moderator edit by: TheGoth
  12. hello, im considering buying a 97 vr6 highline golf, its got 80k on the clock with full service history, just wondering if there is anythin i should watch out for before purchasing, any advice? thanks for the help