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  1. Bump. Any offers on this ?? Thanks
  2. Thinking of Sells my schrick manifold don’t use the car as much as I should and seams a waste. so looking for £1500 Ono locations Bournemouth it is OBD1 But have the end to change to OBD2
  3. Hi fella in after the alternator what type is it ??? price and posted to bournemouth please ???
  4. What is the bottle underneathe the air filter in the inner arch with a pipe going 2 the fuel tank doing ???? 'm doing a convertion in 2 a mk1 cab
  5. i cant find this on the site any more please help that yellow mid engine vr turbo on a vid it a fuckin beast
  6. is it worth changing the oringal set up
  7. does any one no about the dip switches in the control mod 4 obd2 golf
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