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  1. i would like to know what 1/4 time my car would run with an intake, exhuast, supention, tires and a chip. i know it depends on how good the parts i get but what do you guys think? I have a 1997 Jetta GLX VR6. I think it runs about a 15.5 in the 1/4
  2. How old are you?

    I am 19 now i got my VR when I was 16. I am paying a little under $2000 a year but that will drop soon to $1400 a year. perfect record and I have a passing on the right ticket and a 5mph over ticket i dont think im in that bad of shape
  3. Do I have traction control?

    I know VR6's are crap in the snow i have found that out. what tires do you guys run? what has worked the best?
  4. Do I have traction control?

    yeah that really helps a lot. so bascily its not the best traction control system. does it ever really work? even if i am light on the throtle and keep it <25, caz its not the best it the snow right now.
  5. Ok I have heard different things. I have a 97 Jetta GLX VR6 and i think i may have traction control but the problem is that it doesnt work. i ahve been told that my car does have it and i makes the sound like it does in the snow but i just want to make sure that it does before i take it to places to see what is wrong with it. Thanks.