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  1. Seriously Annoyed....

    I will be phoning sky and hic tomorrow!!! I just got off the phone to adrian flux (who seem to act as middlemen.....) they quoted me 884 tpft!!!! with all bonuses such as breakdown cover. Hmmmmm, whats going on? isn't this a bit steep????
  2. Seriously Annoyed....

    Ok guys, i just phoned brentacre...ive got 6 years no claims...but because ive had a licence for 5 years, they could only do me 5 years no claims lol i was quoted £999.95. Which is a dream for me (24 years old) But still quite expensive when compared to some of the youngsters on here......so im gunna ring adrian flux..and hic.
  3. Seriously Annoyed....

    It must have something to do with engine size lol cos i presume the vr6 has around 100 hp less. What a weird world these insurance companys live in. Still im a veedubber at heart, and wouldnt settle for anything else.
  4. Seriously Annoyed....

    Thats cheap!!! I feel conned....when i was 20, i had a mk3 tdi.....90 horsepowered bag of sh!te.....£1600........and i paid it......
  5. Seriously Annoyed....

    I just dont get why its so expensive......ok, so i had a few pints that evening...and couple of people got seriously hurt.....its not that bad is it????? XD
  6. Seriously Annoyed....

    Ok dokey, i will arrange the call backs for tomorrow...and hopefully ill be bringing good news.....
  7. Seriously Annoyed....

    Ive been on there sites, but theres no online quote form. I havent purchased the car yet, so i feel abit awkward arranging a call back..when the car doesnt exsist lol I was just quoted 2912 on performance direct XD
  8. Seriously Annoyed....

    Hi guys, after waiting 10 years.....i can finally afford to buy a vr6, the car ive dreamed of for years!! Im 24 years old, have 6 years no claims...so why am i being quoted £2000-£3000? I see 20 and 21 year olds here who must be on mommy and daddys insurance as there only paying a miniscule amount!!! The hells going on???? looool The cars garaged, in the sk5 region. Ive found petersbestinsurance who said they will insure me for 349 [er annum. But because im not 25 ( few months away) im limited to a 2.0 litre engine. Please dont make me get the 16v anniversary.........
  9. Fuel comsumption

    yer, but im gunna try and get a p reg or r reg if possible, i might aswell go for a highline. Does the vr6 have abs traction control etc, as my tdi has none of these, so when im driving on the motorway it does sometimes feel a bit heavy and sometimes makes me feel a bit scared. Especially when i come off onto a slip road or go round bends.
  10. Fuel comsumption

    and obviously i wouldnt be driving like an idiot, ill do that kinda stuff on track days.
  11. Fuel comsumption

    most coppers wont know what a vr6 is anyway lool
  12. Fuel comsumption

    Yer i could afford it, my tdi is my long distant runner anyway. Do you get pulled by the police alot?
  13. Fuel comsumption

    Nice info people. I know u guys are vr6 fans loool, but im a vdub fan in general. Ive drove a 16 valve mk3, and 125 mph down the motorway (in the rain,could do 130) is impressive but i honestly think the vr6 highline is the ultimate golf in the mark 3...which happens to be my favourite mark. I own a mk3 tdi and fuel economy is unbeleivably brilliant...but you only get 90 horspower lool. I have to go to and from manchester...to birmingham twice a week, i do around 400 miles per week and the tdi is brilliant. I only put 35 pounds worth of diesel in each week. But i need a performance, luxury vehicle and the highline seems to be supreme.
  14. Fuel comsumption

    Hi people, Im considering buying a vr6 highline, but i was wondering what the fuel consumption is like? I heard one bloke was putting around 10-15 pound each day!!! If its soo bad, ill just buy a gti 16valve. As the vr6 0nly has 28 more horspower and is more heavier.
  15. Hi there, this august i will be 21 and will recieve my first years no claims. (passed when i was 19) But for some reason insurance companies are quoting me 3400!!!!! I love the vr6, and dont want to wait 2-3 years as the mileage builds up. Any advice???