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  1. potential problems?

    Well this may be out of left feild but some times the MAS can cuase idle problems (dirty or going bad) and clogged fuel filters.
  2. VR6 Differences

    Would you know what would be different I know the blocks are the same but I'm a little confused on the rest
  3. Does anyone know what the difference between a 1995 VR6 engine and a 1999 (Like Block, head stuff like that. Basically could I use a 1995 generation engine in a 1999-2000 car) :?
  4. VR6 Swap

    Hello, I've been looking everywhere and really have not found a good answer, I have a 2000 Beetle and I'm thinking of swapping in a 12v VR6, how difficult is this and what would I need besides the VR6 engine?
  5. VR6 Help

    I have a few questions, I've heard how a 24v Vr6 sounds from my friends R32 I was wondering if the 12v VR6 sounded the same or similar. How tunable is a 12v VR6 opposed to the 24v and can you fit a 24v head in the 12v block? Any input would be appreciated