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  1. Korblimey

  2. wanted - vr6 bmc cda

    Anyone got one? Jez 07841 220824
  3. Just started running my VR6 on this. Used to buy Castrol Magnatec. Why is it lighter in colour and the dipstick level harder to read - e.g. it's not as black on the dipstick. More generally, anyone have any thoughts on how good this oil is. Worth the extra?
  4. Need dusty mauve doors and have found a CL in the same colour from a 97 car. Any issues about transplanting these to my 95 VR6?
  5. Anyone know if a Jamex springs and shocks kit is a good buy new for £140? Realise coilovers are pref, but on a budget. Any thoughts? Jez
  6. correct VR6 tyre pressure?

    Sorry forgot to say have standard bbs alloys and 205/50R/15s
  7. For everyday road use. I was loading 38 front and 35 rear. But the guy who's just changed my tyres says 32 and 32. Anyone know what it should be?
  8. Will vento seats fit into my VR6?

    I have a lovely new vento leather interior. An ebay bargain for £200. Except the front seats are too narrow to fit into my seat runners. Is this right? I assumed vento seats would be fine for a mark 3.... :-(
  9. Anyone know a decent garage or mechanic to service and MOT a VR6 in west London/Middx area? I live in Teddington.
  10. Anybody got any suggestions on the right induction kit and the right chip to upgrade my VR6. The Pipercross Viper kit has been suggested. But it's £220. The ordinary Pipercross Induction Kit is £70. Is it worth the difference? And the Vipersport chips for a VR6 on ebay? Any good anyone?