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  1. selling lightened one for £100 ono if you want it
  2. RCF wasn't on the list but I've checked and we can easily add people, just need to pm me asap mate
  3. http://www.vr6oc.com/user.php?id.11150 try pm'ing this fella, Chris, I will also text him now as I know he's in Bromley and v capable of helping though has a little 'un and time may be precious! Wishing you and the VR a speedy recovery!
  4. Craig.... you sure you don;'t want any food?
  5. Restaurant chasing me for meal choices from Bungy n Sonia
  6. Update update update....... The lucky 5 to represent the club at this event have been chosen as List :- 1. caddyslammed 2. andynick69 3. cornishvr6 4.michael5556 5. hvr6 You have all been pm'd with details please check and reply asap Lovely lovely lovely....
  7. Who else isn't a fan of red leather?

    Woolen gloves in winter with a matching bobble hat? lol no red ones for the polo though they're locked in the glove box that I broke atm :-/
  8. Who else isn't a fan of red leather?

    yes me too!! It's everywhere!!! It's not everywhere as your car never comes out' date=' its allways hibernating [/quote'] I live 45 miles away from her atm :'( but I have other purple shit it's getting boring... I may go for maybe... black or something exciting like that?!!
  9. got it thank you not sure Tony maybe from 5ish onwards? or you thinking earlier?
  10. Who else isn't a fan of red leather?

    yes me too!! It's everywhere!!!
  11. Here's one for the ladies...

    lol nice mussels stupid EU....
  12. Who else isn't a fan of red leather?

    red leather gloves.... not the interior of a car though
  13. VR6OC 2013 Calendar

    yes how did I miss this....
  14. Well spotted buddy' date=' I've edited it to read correct now. [/quote'] Think its full moon or a similar type of instance within the month lol!!! No! I am just a mental.... 8-) :-p Thanks all for the assistance!