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    Vesa screws

    I want to mount the 55" XG9505 on a tv stand using the VESA mount option. But those screws in the VESA holes are very short in length to use. I feel unsafe, do I just use those to attach a VESA bracket, or should I get screws that are longer?
  2. I've set up a club on Pokerstars, catchily named Club #3705197, I have applied to alter the club name to Fetcheveryone and replace the avatar (currently defaulted to my personal account image) with a fetch logo but have to await approval. You will need a code to join the club, fmail me your Pokerstars ID and I'll provide the details required. Once we have a few members we can work out when to get the first tournament arranged!
  3. So after more than half a life of not saving or investing, I find myself in my 50s, in Chapter 13 and looking towards the future. I have NOTHING set aside for retirement unless you want to consider around 2k worth of stocks that are steadily losing value my home the latter of which is my best chance for investing. The interest rate on the house is 5%. I missed out on refi opportunities because of litigation with mortgage company and horrible credit. I read that by the time I get out of bk, then the interest rates might be well above 5%.
  4. Anyone know where I could buy one? Cheers in advance.
  5. LiscLee


    Anyone here does forex?
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