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Throttle lag or rpm rise in between gears or coming to stop?

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97 vw gti vr6 obd2 .

Ever since i got car has had a issue with rpm's go up in between gears and on fist start up they also go to about 1800 and then back down same with rev on motor hangs for a bit and the big one is coming to a stop will also climb till i kick it down any reason for this?

Have cleaned throttle body and did a adaption test through vag com only worked when cable was disconnected??

And ever once in a while car will go up down up down real fast like hondas do but only for short time .

Can put car into gear and move forward five feet and it revs to 1800 and then back down when i come to stop .idles fine except for when i do this

Do i need a 

New throttle body? 

Icv is in throttle body thinking this is it?

Or does it just need some drive time 

Or something im missing ?? Coolant switch ?idk stumped🤕

Oh ya cruise control doesn't work either

Any help would be great thanks!!


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