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Hi guys and girls.

I'm in need of some help and advice please. 


I'm a motorcycle mechanic by trade so I'm not bad with a spanner or ratchet but I'm looking to dive into the 4 wheeled world.


I have seen a a 2.8 Vr6 engine on eBay that I have had my eye on for some time now. My plan is to completely strip it down and do a full rebuild on it and obviously bring it back to its former glory performance and looks wise.


After that I would be looking to fit it into a mk3 golf but that won't be for some time yet as that would also be a complete strip and respray ect.


My questions are what do you guys honestly recommend? Mk3 golf 2.8?

Corado 2.9 or the Mk4 4motion? 


It's not going to be a daily drive but more of a toy.


Then there's obviously the tuning side of things as well.

I'd imagine if I wanted to plant a turbo on there then the 4motion would probably be better then front wheel drive?


Would just like all your opinions and options really. 



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If you are doing all that work, I would say to get the most recent engine you can.

Please don't underestimate the work (and space) required - it is truly time and money sapping!


If you want a MK3 VR6, why not just get one that runs already? You will have all the parts then.

Even more so, if you want the 4motion drivetrain, get a MK4/MK5 as a base.


There are plenty of turbo/supercharger modifications documented on here, so have a rummage around.


Good luck!

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