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2.3 V5 swap into V6 4Motion Chassis

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Hey all, 


I've exhausted the search function with no luck with this question - I guess it's not a very common one for obvious reasons.


I'm currently building a MK4 Golf to compete in a grass roots motorsport series in Europe - there are engine capacity restrictions that would prohibit the 2.8 V6 from being able to be used, however I can use the 2.3 V5 + forced induction and I would like to have the 4Motion system active still. Does anyone have any idea on what the differences is are with engine mounts on the V5 to the V6? if it would be a straight fit mount wise or if not - what would be required? Also from what I've seen the gearbox from the V6 should bolt right up without an adaptor plate?


Hopefully someone has something useful to contribute 

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