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Corrado and mk3 swap

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Im currently running a mk3 golf vr6t and was wondering if I were to swap it into a non vr6 Corrado could I use all my good stuff?


- Are the front subframes the same?

- If not can I use all the mk3 vibra engine mounts?

- Do corrados run CE2 fuse boxes for plug and play ease?

-  Whats the standard bolt pattern? 5x100? 4x100? do they change between models? vr6, g60 and valvers?

Also what are the differences in specs on the Corrados? vr6, g60, 16 valver? do any of these have Climatronic? the pop up rear spoiler is that vr6 only? leather interiors, was that a option or only on specific models?


Thanks for any input

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