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Rotrex c30-84 - before the installation

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Hi! Bought Storm shell last October and just finished with the other half the little homegrown vr6 conversion/reshell project. C's on the road for the first time from the last 10 years! The next step is to supercharge it :) Slowly collecting bits &  pieces and some money for the remap :D Hoping to get it done by the end of April. 

Got rotrex which was literally found by the hubby on the scrapyard, ribbed pulley, oil cooler and waiting for the injectors to arrive (Green tops Bosch),

1. what else do I have to add to my shopping list? So far I've got

Silicon hoses, t-pees, auxiliary belt, oil canister, re-circ valve, Rotrex traction fluid. 

2. Will the standard vr6 fuel pump be good enough?

3. Any recommendations where to buy Rotrex Traction Fluid? 

4. Is there any other place Pipercross can be place than just under the bumper? I live in Somerset where roads are quite often flooded and placing Pipercross worries me a bit.




Please don't be confused by a blue engine bay - the car come with repainted bonnet (at least on one side) and had to swap the damaged slum pannel,  yes it will be repainted. well at one point :P


The whole thread about 'Storm Resurrection' here: 


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