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[WANTED] Low mileage VR6

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Hi all,


I'm after a super low mileage Golf VR6, preferably a 1997-1998 3 door Highline model with around 20-30k miles.


I know it is a lot to ask but I'm sure there are a few still out there.


I have cash waiting and am willing to pay up to £8k for the right one.



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There was a super low miler floating about a few months back. 10k miles and they wanted 15k for it iirc. 

 I was hunting a low miler but the best I found was one with 50k. The trouble with the low milers is that they've often sat unused for long periods. Both of mine have taken some reconditioning to get them running well.


It's a tall order but good luck with your search

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Thanks for your reply.


I remember seeing a dragon green one with a mere 2k miles on it and was on sale for £10k.


I've been kicking myself ever since for not buying it when I had the chance.


There must be something similar out there somewhere.

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Not quite what your asking for but worth considering?. 

I have an early 1992 vr6 with 50k miles, its mechanicly perfect having had 17 service's by the vw franchise that supplied it new. Its all original and hasnt been modified in any way,  its been with me 5 years and came too me off the person who bought it new.

Its indian red with cloth trim, factory options of aircon and glass roof, still sat on its original 15" bbs wheels, it just needs a light recomissioning from being stored but has always been kept inside never left out.

Value? God knows!  But i am realistic and could do with it being moved on, andy.

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