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R36 Connecting Rod bearings upgrade, please someone explain it

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Hey guys, I've been looking around a lot about these bearings.

I am a little confused with all the different colors that they have, reds, yellows, blacks and whatsoever.

I want to get the black coated R36 bearings to upgrade my bearings on my VR6 2.8. I know that they fit, I just cant find the god damn part number!

All I found out so far was the following number: 03H 105 701D 

When I went to the shop and we searched for this number, nothing came up. We had to search for 03H 105 701DROT and 03H 105 701DGLB for RED and YELLOW bearings (whatever that means, please explain!!!), it also came up that this part number is no more and its now replaced by the 03H 105 701 EROT and 03H 105 701 EGLB numbers.

So are these the black coated bearings after all and if they are not, what is the part number that I need to order??? 



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