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Any custom exhaust shops in Midlands?

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I'm looking for somewhere to have a custom exhaust made for my Galaxy. Don't worry, it has a VR6.


All I want is a cat back system, just strait through pipe to a single back box with DTM outlets. The problem I have, is everywhere wants the better part of £500..... for a back box, some pipe and a few hangers. I know there's more to it than that, but near 500 is silly, especially as when I had my old AAA Golf, full systems from scorpion, Jetex, or milteck were less than 400.


Does anyone have any experience or know of somewhere around the Midlands, excluding MIJ and Custom Chrome, that is reasonably cheap?.



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I did a suitcase delete on my golf just got the bits from Jetex 2x45 degree bends 1x500mm pipe and a few clamps to hold it all in place mark it all up weld it up and just use one sleeve of clamp and some putty on the 1 joint where the suitcase used to join job done for less than £60 and the original jet tip tail pipe slides over the to of the 2.5" pipe so looks stock ish and sounds lovely

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Mine is now installed, I went with Powerflow. They put a middle box in at my request because I didn't want it too loud. It has a middle and back box and still sounds louder than my old VR6 Golf that had 2.5" strait through with Jetex twin outlet and decat. 


Thank you TFD.



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