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So I was parked up in my Silver VR6 watching a couple having the most beautiful argument in the car park when I heard that mysterious engine note that I know all too well.

It drove past the shop entrance and I thought I would take a drive by on the way out, so I got out my car (Walked past the girl who had been fighting with her fella, she was cute so I smiled at her which cheered her up) and I went into the store.


I came out a little later and got back in my car and took a drive around and saw to young guys heading for the MK3 Golf, they obviously heard mine and clocked me driving past and they jumped in and tailed me out of the car park heading towards home.

Shame the road was really busy as we were both itching to gas our cars along the road.


Heading for home into Scartho he turned off just the other side of the road that I live, so if you are the owner "Hi"

Was an M Reg looked in pretty good condition.

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