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buying a brand new vr6

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I often go on vw's website and do the build your own car. Like building the scirocco r to just how I would want it, money no object. So I got thinking about if you could walk into the dealership back in the day and order a brand new mk3. No have to replace timing chains, doing the heater matrix, no rust!

Of course nearly 20 years of enthusiasts have made parts of the car better than from factory, suspension upgrades,exhausts,engine mods and newer technology with sound systems. But if I had the chance I know I'd go for:

Black 3dr highline

Gti engineering plus pac engine

Anniversary BBS RXII alloys

Hella black magic rear light

Anniversary smoked indicators

And because I'm a OEM+ whore..

Digital climatronic

Auto wipers

Winter pack

Heated Leather front recaros

Blukpunkt 12 speaker upgrade

And finish off the warning triangle and first aid kit in the boot.

Again, match more I don't think I could of got back then.

If you could of, what would you spec your car to be like from factory?

Also, does anyone here own a mk3 from new??

Re edited because most my post way cut out when posting, sorry that it made no sense.

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