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Chris Knott Insurance Now Covers Northern Ireland

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The subject line says it all really so please pick up the phone and ask us to quote if you live in the province - we now have an insurer who will offer you competitive cover.


Couple this with the recent age relaxations and you should see that we're doing all we can to help as many of this forum's members as possible.


We're currently signing up 1 in every 2 quotes because our rates are so good for the majority and we often beat the price comparison sites, especially if we know what your best alternative quote is - we can use it as ammo to negotiate a lower premium for you.


Our staff are not on commission so they get their buzz from seeing how much they can save you, rather than how much they'll earn.


Please call 0800 917 2274 and quote the forum's unique code to ask our guys to help you get your annual insurance bill down.

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