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As some of you are aware i have been having oil issues in my water hense why i got the car cheap, since buying it 3 weeks ago i have done the head gasket, tested and skimmed, replaced all chains top and bottom, fitted a new rad, new heater matrix.. and a ton of other stuff lol...

After i ran the car round for a day i noticed that my coolant tank had oil floating on the top again, so i used forte bio degreaser which ads to the coolant to flush all the oil out thinking it was the remains of the head gasket job comming to the top, i then filled with clean anti freeze and away i went..

Next day noticed oil in the water yet again, half a headed tank full infact, so i bought a brand new oil cooler from gsf, replaced the gasket either side, added bio degreaser again, ran the engine till warm and all the oil was in the tank, i clamped the tank off, drained all the coolant system and flushed it with a hose pipe for 30 minz, removed header tank and washed that out with brake cleaner, the results where spot less coolant system and a new cooler and head gasket i thought that was that..

Filled the system back up tonight, drove it 20 miles and the let it cool down, checked the coolant tank and yup you guessed it full of fucking oil yet again...Im £700 down in parts and still no better than when i bought it...

I have had the head tested and skimmed, new head gasket and bolts, new water pump, timing chains,radiator, heater matrix, had my old oil cooler tested 5 times and then thought ill buy a new one just incase... Still no better off, not to mention money wasted on a new gear box and clutch, hoses, thermostat housing, brake pads and disc, mot and tax....

Im loosing the will to carry on, what causes oil to get into the coolant tank ????? surely i have nothing left to replace that oil/water related !!!!

I did notice that the matrix was leaking and when i replace the old one it looked like it had frozen up as the bottom 5 rows had all popped out..

I thought maybe cracked block due to the system freezing up in that harsh weather we had just after xmas but surley it would have split a hose or popped a core plug before hand..The previous owner said that it was out side all winter and never started, then when he did it needed water then noticed it was running inside the car, he then joined the two heater hoses up to get him on the road again, after a couple of weeks he notice3d oil in the water and then i bought it...

Please please some one help me before i throw in the towel and ebay it as it is, im outta cash and luck by the looks of things lol...


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How does she drive fella..?

Is the lack of power..?

Spot on !! dont miss a beat' date=' runs at 90 all the time, no misses, no lumpy idle, no smoke, no rattles it sounds 100 % spot on infact the best sounding vr ive owned... Soon as i drive 10 miles or so the header tank collects about a cm of oil on top of the water, i clamp the header tank hose pipe off so nothing runs back in the system when i remove to tank for cleaning, i empty it all out, clean it with brake cleaner spotless, drive back up the raod and then its full of oil again...

Im so PI**ED off with it, i have done every thing 100%, used top make gaskets, bolts, oil cooler and rad... Still oil in the water, no external leaks of oil or water every thing is clean as a whissle..

Wat can it be because im totaly lost now...

Have you checked you crank case pressure

No i havent mate, but if i did what would it accheive ? if i had a lot of pressure it would push gaskets out or cause oil leaks externaly.. or even take the oil cap off whilst running and you would hear if chuffing out the cap, i have none of these symptons....

I just dont get it, i thought i had cracked it by fitting a new oil cooler and doing head gasket but nope !!!!

I may just have to sell, my baby boy is due in less than 4 weeks and i havent got a car yet, up shit street with out a paddle so to speak lol...

I need help guys - - i'm stumped !!!

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I thinking if it was hight it might be a sign of it pushing through a weak spot but ur right the checks you will do the same test

Sorry i can't be anymore help mate, the only other thing I can think of is they maybe a oil line in the head has found it's way to a water one but the amount of oil your getting in the header sounds like it's a big leak

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