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How to change an alternater on a 4motion

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With the engine running and a meter across the battery terminals a healthy alternater should show approximately 14v. Before carrying out a change it is worth checking fuses and the engine earth strap for continuity.


With the release lever removed and the front grill out of the way it is now necessary to remove the front bumper. With this out of the way you can access the 4 main bolts securing the front end on the car complete with radiators and fans. Once the bolts are removed the whole unit can be pulled forward still connected by the hoses to gain access to the alternater. It is worth disconnecting the battery at this point.


The Auxilliary belt tensioner now needs a bolt screwed into the top to release the tension and allow it to be removed with the 2 6mm allen bolts and 13mm headed bolt. It is possible to remove the tensioner and leave the belt in position. There are now 2 13mm headed bolts to remove holding the alternater in place. With these almost removed it is necessary to drift the ends in with a couple of hammer blows to release the inserts at the other end. It is very tight for space. The alternater then has 2 instantaneous connections and a 13mm nut. When removed it is simply the reverse to rebuild.

Here's the Aux belt layout.


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