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Corrado OBD2 VR6 No Lambda Adaptation?

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I have a lambda sensor fault showing up on vag-com ( 00525 ) Lambda sensor short to ground. It is not the lambda sensor at fault. I have found that out as I Im now on my third new Bosch sensor!

All the wiring had checked out ok, but I attached some temporary signal wires for testing and still no change. The lambda voltage stays at 0.0v at idle and you only get voltage when I raise the revs up, then as they lower I see a voltage of around 0.5v then it gradually falls back to 0.0v.

On the lambda % on engine measuring block 1 I have seen get as low as -3.0% then drop to 0.0v at idle. I dont think there is any fuel trim block on 032, but all the adaptation values for the lambda remain at 0.0%. On measuring block 008 there is a lambda reading and it reads -14.7v.

I was wondering if the ecu is leaning the fuel off due to a leaky injector or something?

I could really do with some help with this. Its really getting to me now

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